Overnight Safari

Our overnight safari in the desert will take you far away from all the bustle and noise of the big city, and into a peaceful and beautiful landscape - rich with colour, movement and traditional culture. Witness the majesty of the shifting sand dunes, experience the thrill of dune bashing, and absorb the sights and sounds of Bedouin heritage and a night under the stars.

If you’re looking for something more than just a day tour, why not join us for an exciting overnight safari in the desert! Leave the noise of the hectic city behind, as we travel into the vast desert in the comfort and style of our luxury 4x4 vehicles. Prepare yourself for dramatic, changing landscapes, breathtaking natural beauty, and a fascinating and intriguing insight into the culture of the traditional inhabitants of the desert.

Approaching the magnificent golden-red sand dunes, you will witness for yourself just how the changing wind patterns can redesign this stark terrain before your eyes. The landscape is stunning – particularly at dawn and dusk, as the low sun catches each grain of sand, scattering its rays into captivating golden oranges and reds. We’ll stop for photos so you can preserve your own snapshot of this wonderful environment.

Next, buckle in and brace yourself for all the thrills and excitement of a favourite desert activity – dune bashing. In the safety of our 4x4s, you will experience a dramatic rollercoaster ride up and down the dunes – plus the chance for more photos from the pinnacle of the highest dune.

After a stop for refreshments, we will head for our night’s destination – a traditional Bedouin campsite. These ancient, semi-nomadic inhabitants and custodians of the desert will welcome you to their homes with their distinctive warmth and hospitality, sharing their customs and traditions and offering a fascinating insight into their unique lifestyle in this harsh and most unforgiving of natural environments.

There will be plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture – from dressing up in traditional Bedouin outfits and getting a Henna tattoo, to taking a camel ride through the desert and indulging in the rich flavour of a hookah or ‘hubbly bubbly’ – the traditional Middle Eastern water pipe.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time for a sumptuous barbecue feast around a roaring campfire. By the flickering firelight, enjoy the hypnotic rhythms of a belly dancer and traditional Arabic music, before settling down for a peaceful night’s sleep under the stars. In the morning, after enjoying the spectacular desert sunrise and a light breakfast, we will head back to the city at the end of this absorbing and eye-opening tour.

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