Al Maha Mountain Safari

Taking holidaymakers into the heart of the stunning Hajar Mountains, this eye-opening tour is a must for anyone interested in Dubai's landscape, people and history. Ideal for families, couples and groups, the tour takes passengers through some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Most visitors to Dubai are attracted by the city’s spectacular skyscrapers, high-end shopping malls, pristine beaches and world class hotels. They come to enjoy a bit of luxury and soak up the unique atmosphere of this cosmopolitan corner of the Middle East.

However, away from the sumptuous resorts, towering developments and luxurious restaurants is a very different, and very wild, side of Dubai.

Just outside the modern city, the landscape turns back into desert, with rolling dunes and rugged peaks as far as the eye can see. Go a little further, and you’ll come to the spectacular Hajar Mountains, one of the most beautiful parts of the Arabian Peninsula and a must-see for anyone interested in the natural history of Dubai.

This unforgettable mountain safari collects holidaymakers from the stunning Al Maha resort, itself located in a breathtaking nature reserve far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As passengers travel from the resort towards the distant mountain peaks, they’ll pass through protected areas, traditional settlements and pristine desert landscapes. Visitors should keep their eyes peeled for Dubai’s wilder inhabitants, with the Arabian Oryx, Mountain Gazelle and Arabian Tahr all commonly found in the area.

The region around the Hajar Mountains also boasts a variety of exotic birds, lizards and plants, making it perfect for holidaymakers interested in the desert landscape and its hardy inhabitants.

When the safari reaches the mountains, visitors will see the landscape suddenly change, with canyons, mountains and cliffs replacing the rolling dunes.

The safari will stop at some of the highest points of the tour to allow passengers to take in the stunning views on offer. The perfect opportunity for a Dubai souvenir with a difference, these photo calls are a must if you want to show your friends and family what an extraordinary place you’ve travelled to.

A fantastic way to see a different side of Dubai, a mountain safari will allow you to experience the magical Arabian Desert and get a feel for the city’s setting and development.

Why not book yourself a place on a tour now and ensure you see everything that Dubai has to offer?

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Al Maha Falconry Demonstrations

Al Maha Falconry Demonstrations

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Hatta Excursions

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