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The perfect destination for a day trip from Dubai or a weekend break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the ancient village of Hatta is a world away from the shopping malls, resorts and skyscrapers of Dubai. Ideal for families, couples and groups looking to experience another side of the Middle East, a trip to Hatta will be an unforgettable part of your stay in the region.

Located around 70 miles east of Dubai, Hatta is an inland exclave of the Emirate. The traditional destination for Dubai families escaping the heat of the Gulf summers, this mountainous region is the perfect place to cool down, relax and unwind during your trip to the UAE.

One of the most popular attractions in Hatta is its Heritage Village. A reconstructed collection of traditional mountain dwellings, the Heritage Village gives visitors the chance to see what life has been like in this rugged region over the centuries. Visitors can see traditional musical instruments, costumes and handicrafts from the region and find out how these distinctive stone and mud houses were built.

Another highlight of Hatta is its mosque. The oldest building in the settlement, the mosque was constructed in 1780 and is a must-see for visitors staying in the village. Other historic sights include the two 18th century military towers that guard the village, which holidaymakers can climb to enjoy spectacular views of the valley below.

Though Hatta is located high in the Hajar Mountains, it’s surrounded by hundreds of date palms, all of which are fed by a traditional Falaj irrigation system. Found throughout the Middle East, this ingenious network of tunnels, channels and shafts helps to keep the settlement alive and bring a bit of greenery to the valley.

Just over the border, in Oman, visitors can see the Hatta Rock Pools. Perfect for swimming in, these spring fed pools and waterfalls carry crystal clear water all year round, offering visitors a very welcome break from the desert heat.

A fantastic destination for guests staying in Dubai, a day excursion or weekend break in Hatta will add another dimension to your stay in the region and help you gain a better understanding of life in the Middle East.

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