Al Maha Archery Day

Al Maha is located in Dubai's only wildlife reserve. It makes for a spectacular backdrop for a whole range of activities, including archery. Taking part in the Al Maha Archery Day offers a chance to take a break from the city and learn an exhilarating new sport in a beautiful location.

Visiting the Al Maha desert resort is a great way to see some of the native wildlife of Dubai. By combining your visit with archery lessons you create a day out that can be fun for the whole family.

Al Maha is the Arabic term for the Arabian Oryx, a species of large, straight-horned antelope. This animal was almost hunted to extinction, but was rescued by a captive breeding program and then released back into the wild. The Dubai Desert Reserve is home to a herd of more than 300 oryxes, the largest free roaming herd in the world.

Visitors to the Al Maha resort help to fund the conservation effort to ensure that these animals and other local species are able to thrive. They also get to enjoy the spectacular landscape that the Arabian Oryx calls home, along with some world class facilities.

Archery is a sport that has been gaining in popularity in Dubai following Sheikh Ahmed bin Hasher Al Maktoum's gold medal in the 2004 Olympics. There are now several places where people can take archery lessons in Dubai, but none are more enchanting than Al Maha.

There is a designated archery area within the nature reserve staffed by professional archery instructors. Tuition is available for both novices and more experienced archers. This can be delivered in either group sessions or one on one.

The archery lessons are delivered using a traditional wooden recurved bow, which is provided by the resort. This allows you to experience first hand how this weapon was used across the centuries for hunting and combat.

With a little practice, visitors should be able to hit targets. They can then enjoy competing with their family and friends to see who is the better shot. After a while, participants will be able to hit their targets from greater and greater distances. By doing so they will be coming ever closer to learning the skills of their ancient forebears.

For a way to spend time outside of the city, the Al Maha Archery Day has much to commend it. Shooting a bow and arrow is fun and the landscape participants will do it against is spectacular.

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