Rides and Slides - Camel Riding and Sandboarding Safari

It would be criminal to visit Dubai without seeing the astonishing desert that surrounds the city. The Rides and Slides tour allows tourists to ride through the Margham Desert on a camel, following in the footsteps of centuries of local desert dwellers. It also incorporates sandboarding down some of the world's steepest dunes.

The culture of the local people of Dubai was shaped by the desert as much as it was by the sea. You can't understand the city without experiencing the spectacular landscape that it sprang from. This is why every visitor to Dubai is highly recommended to take a trip out into the dunes at some point during their stay.

The Rides and Slides safari lets you ride a camel through the Margham desert in much the same way as local people did for centuries before the coming of motorised transport. The desert is one of the planet's most spectacular landscapes and remains much as it was in the Stone Age. There is nothing quite like traversing the vast dunes on the back of a creature that evolved to do just that.

The safari departs from Jumeirah Beach in 4x4 vehicles that will take you and your party out into the heart of the Margham desert. The journey through the sands allows you to watch the light shift over the dunes as the sun rises into the sky.

Once the 4x4s have reached your destination you will be able to mount camels and ride out across the dunes. For anyone who has ever fantasised about being in Lawrence of Arabia this is the perfect opportunity to experience a little of the life of a Bedouin.

The next part of the safari involves sandboarding. Also known as sandsurfing, this sport is similar to both snowboarding and surfing. The key difference is that it takes place on sand rather than waves or snowy mountainsides. The Margham desert is home to some of the steepest sand dunes on the planet which makes sandboarding down them an exhilarating experience. It's also a reasonably safe sport given the soft landing that is provided by the sand.

Refreshments will be constantly on hand during the safari to ensure that no one becomes dehydrated during the fun in the sand. The tour comes to an end after half a day, which makes it an excellent, exciting introduction to the desert for people who want to get out and see it for the first time.

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