Al Ain City Tour - the Garden City

During your city tour of Al Ain you will gain an intriguing and entralling insight into Arabic culture and ancient history, coupled with the chance to enjoy the spectacular scenery and stunning natural beauty of the Garden City of the Gulf. A truly unmissable gem of the Emirates.

Renowned as the famous Garden City of the Gulf, Al Ain encompasses a rich seam of Arabic culture, ancient history and breathtaking natural beauty, making it the perfect destination for a city tour. Admire its impressive botanical gardens, take in dramatic mountain views, and discover more about the fascinating story of one of the oldest established settlements in the Middle East.

Al Ain is situated on the eastern border of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, surrounded by atmospheric golden-red sand dunes and overlooked by the imposing Jebel Hafeet mountain. Its name is Arabic for 'the spring', referring to the plentiful mountain spring water which flows into oases around the city via ancient underground irrigation channels. It is this life-giving water that gives Al Ain its magnificently lush natural scenery, and which makes it such an important location for agriculture.

Al Ain has long been an important stop on the caravan trail, but its history stretches back even further. During your tour you will visit Hili Archaeological Park, home to fascinating tombs dating back as far at 3000 BC. Here, you can also bear witness to some of the earliest evidence of the region's culture – in the form of petroglyphs (engravings in the rock) depicting animals and people, created 5000 years ago.

The next stop on your tour will be Al Ain National Museum, located within Al Jahili Fort, which houses an intriguing collection of exhibits and artefacts documenting the history of the area and its traditional Bedouin inhabitants, as well as archaeological finds from the Bronze and Iron ages.

The final stop of your tour will be at Al Ain's famous camel market, where local buyers still barter for these hardy working animals, trying to secure a bargain – while sellers show off their stock and try to catch the eye of potential customers. The bustling atmosphere of the market make for a truly authentic Arabic experience.

Your tour of Al Ain will offer an enchanting, memorable and delightful experience, leaving you with a deep insight into the beauty and culture of the area – both past and present. It offers a wonderful way to experience an authentic slice of Arabic life.

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