Balloon Flight Over Dubai

Experience one of the world's most incredible cities from a whole new, unusual perspective with a balloon flight over Dubai. From the modern, gleaning hotel towers to the vast, arid desert - and from the pristine sea to the rugged mountains - you will gain a whole new appreciation and understanding of this breathtaking landscape.

Dubai is without a doubt one of the most incredible, spectacular cities in the Middle East – and the world. From its gleaming towers to the spectacle of the man-made Palm Jumeirah islands, it is home to some truly amazing views. To really understand the sheer scale of the city, you need to see it from above – and what better way to achieve this than from the serene perspective of a hot air balloon?

Taking a balloon flight over Dubai is a magical experience. Hot air balloons drift silently and effortlessly across the sky, enabling you to enjoy the sights and sounds without any discomfort or distraction – other than the occasional blast from the burner. The clear, unobstructed views from up there will take your breath away.

Dubai enjoys the perfect geography and climate for ballooning at all times of day. However, an early morning start is often recommended, when the winds are light and the early sunlight catches the city and terrain to create beautiful effects of colour and shade. As your balloon slips free of its tether and gently launches into the vast infinity of the sky, you will watch the ground drift silently away and experience the ethereal sense of freedom that is unique to ballooning.

As you reach higher altitudes, travelling with the sun across the sky, stunning panoramic views will unfold before your eyes. The shimmering golden red of shifting sand dunes contrasts with the solid, rugged landscape of the Hajj Mountains in the east and the glistening, magical, modern skyline to the west. This dramatic juxtaposition of the natural and the man-made, the new and the ancient, will send shivers down your spine as you gain a unique perspective from up above the surface of our strong yet poignantly fragile world.

Viewing the incredible city of Dubai amid the stark natural landscape all around is an unmissable experience, and will offer the chance to gain a unique perspective of the region that few get to enjoy. It's really the only way to fully understand and appreciate the beauty, dynamism and power of Dubai.

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