Best things to do near Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai’s most well-known buildings. Its iconic sail shape rises majestically from its own man-made island some 18km south of the Creek by the suburb of Umm Suqeim.

Best things to do near Burj Al Arab

One of the tallest and most luxurious hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab boasts personalised hospitality amidst Arabian splendor, and was the first to be coined a "7 star hotel", which shows just how grandiose it really is. Staying at the hotel itself is the type of experience many wish their whole lives for. Whether you stay here for the duration of your trip or you want to explore the area while admiring the Burj from afar, there’s lots of awesome things to do nearby.

My top 5 attractions near the Burj

Not sure what to do and what to skip to ensure you make the most of your trip while you're near the Burj Al Arab? These are my favourite activities to make sure you don’t pass up while you’re there.

1.Talise Spa for the best spa experience

If there’s one thing Dubai is best at, it’s luxury. I had to mention the Talise Spa first because it’s widely known as one of the nicest spas in Dubai and you have to make sure you don’t miss it. For the ultimate in pampering, book experience at this beautifully designed and lavishly decorated spa that’s bathed in natural light and located 150m above the Arabian Gulf. Located within the Burj Al Arab itself, at Talise offer many treatments such as facials, massages, body treatments and wellness therapy as well as infinity pools, jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms and plunge pools. Treat yourself to a day here and you’ll be able to feel all your everyday stresses melt away.

2.Wild Wadi Waterpark for a fun-filled day of swimming and rides

Another of Dubai’s hot spots, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is situated in front of the Burj Al Arab. They boast a selection of 30 adventurous rides and attractions that are suitable for the whole family. What more could you want for a day out with the kids?! The whole park is themed around "Juha", a well known character in Arabian folklore. This is my favourite spot to enjoy a day filled with fun and no matter if you have the kids in tow or not, you’ll still enjoy it. Check their site from time to time to see if they’ll be running any offers while you’re in Dubai!

3.Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project to learn more about these beautiful, endangered creatures

This flagship turtle rehabilitation project is located at the Burj Al Arab and is run in collaboration with Dubai’s Wildlife Protection Office. They realised a true need for a turtle rescue and rehabilitation facility in Dubai after stranded turtles started being brought to them. They aim to rescue, rehabilitate and release any sea turtles that are found sick or injured throughout the region, while also educating people about these majestic sea creatures. If you want to take a look, you’re able to go visit the turtles and watch them up close. You might even be able to feed them if you’re there at the right time!

4.Ski Dubai for a snowy adventure

Ski Dubai is the Middle East’s first indoor snow-covered ski slope. Comprised of five runs of varying levels of difficulty, a full on snow covered mountain with chairlift and freestyle-zone for the more advanced skiers and snowboarders, you can even catch the resident penguins every two hours during the "march of the penguins". You can buy slope tickets, snow park tickets or penguin tickets for different experiences here, and make sure you take a look at their special Christmas activities if you’re in Dubai over the holidays.

5.Souk Madinat Jumeirah for fine dining and shopping

The Souk Madinat Jumeirah is only a short distance away from the Burj Al Arab, and is the perfect spot to do some shopping, grab a drink and a nice meal while you’re sightseeing around the Burj. At the Souk you’ll find over 25 different restaurants with every style of delicious food you could possibly imagine. There’s also a huge mix of luxury shops, boutique brands and gift shops where you’ll be able to pick up the perfect souvenir to help you remember your trip. From this Souk, every single cafe or restaurant will have stunning view of either beautiful Arabian architecture, waterways, or the Burj Al Arab itself.

Discover Dubai and make the most of your time near the Burj Al Arab

With so many parts of Dubai to discover it’s hard to know where to go first, but you won’t soon regret spending time at each of the places mentioned above. Stay close to the Burj and treat yourself to the ultimate decadent day at the Talise Spa or get up close to some beautiful rescued turtles, before heading to the Waterpark for a fun-packed day. Or wander a little further for some snowy fun at Ski

Dubai before you head to the Souk Medinat for some shopping and fine dining with a view. Whether you’re staying at the Burj Al Arab or elsewhere, you’ll want to make the most of visiting Dubai’s most iconic hotel, so make the most of your day and enjoy the activities and sights that surround it.  

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