Best things to do in Jumeirah Beach Area

Jumeirah beach is one of Dubai's top tourist spots, so make sure you spend some time here during your trip. These long white sandy beaches are stunning and there's so much space, you'll surely be able to snag yourself a perfect slice of the beach to rest and relax. Check out my top favourite places to see and activities to do in the Jumeirah beach area and you won't need to venture far for a fun-filled trip.

Best things to do in Jumeirah Beach Area

Are you planning on hitting the beach on your trip to Dubai? Jumeirah Beach is Dubai’s most famous spot for visitors wanting to relax and enjoy the beach. Bring your beach blankets, a picnic and a parasol, grab yourself a slice of paradise on its white sandy beaches and take a dive in the sea. This is the most picturesque of locations for some beachside lounging, and a refreshing dip in the sparkling turquoise water is only metres away. You’ll probably already know how scorching the weather can get in Dubai though, so a whole day in the sun might be too hot! Here’s my favourite places to check out that are only a minute or two away from the beach; break up your day, check them out, and then head back for a dip before dinner.

Dubai’s best spots to see close to Jumeirah Beach

If you want to make sure you see the best of Dubai but want to stay within reach of the beach so you can break up your day between lounging and swimming, plan your day around these spots for the best of both worlds.

Nemo Diving Centre

Chances are you’ll be keen on swimming if you’re already at the beach; why not sign up for an awesome diving adventure at Nemo Diving Centre? Located half a mile away from the beach just behind Sunset Mall, they do a variety of diving trips, courses and other special packages. They offer fun daily dives exploring the underwater realms of Dubai, and these underwater adventures are suitable for divers of all ages and levels. Make sure to get in touch with them to book in so you don’t miss out!

A Tour With Val

Something a little bit different, but a beautiful way to experience the city of Dubai through the eyes of someone who really knows it in and out. Val provides tailor-made tours of the city and has over 400 rave reviews on TripAdvisor which really speaks for itself! She’s been giving guided tours for over 8 years and promises tours that go off the beaten track that will help you create lasting memories of your trip to this special city. Check out her reviews on TripAdvisor to learn more about experiences other visitors to Dubai have had with her, as this gives a real insight into the sort of specialised tours she offers.

Luxury Dhow Dinner Cruise

Here’s an activity to check out in the evening when you want to wind down after a sunny and hot day at the beach; sign up for a luxury evening dinner and cruise around Dubai Marina on the Al Wasal Dhow cruise. You’ll enjoy an evening of dining and sights from the water on this traditional Arabic wooden boat, and get a spectacular view of some of Dubai’s most well-known sights from a different perspective.

Parasailing At The Beach

One for the adventurers that can’t be missed! Book a parasailing session with Viator and enjoy an unforgettable parasailing trip, straight from Jumeirah beach. If this is something you’ve always thought you might like to try, there won’t be a better place for it. You can book in groups of up to four people for the best in aerial views of Dubai Marina and Palm Island while flying over the Arabian Gulf.

Pier 7

A great spot for a vast array of dining experiences that’s only half a mile from the beach. Whether you need a break for lunch or a dinner after a long day of beach play, make your way over to Pier 7 and see what takes your fancy. With a central location on Al Marsa Street right by the Marina Mall, you’ll be able to enjoy the sought-after views of the surrounding area while you enjoy your meal. You can choose from Mexican, Asian and British restaurants that boast the best in hospitality and celebrated chefs. Take the time to slow down and unwind over a delicious meal that’s close enough to Jumeirah Beach to enjoy a walk along the sand before you head back to your hotel.

Great activities for everyone to enjoy close to Jumeirah Beach

Make sure you check out my favourite spots that are within a few minutes of the beach! When you plan your holidays around your beach time, you don’t want to venture too far away. This way you can enjoy Jumeirah Beach, relax while you’re there, and make the most of the surrounding attractions. From diving or parasailing adventures to some of the best food around, you won’t need to go far from Jumeirah Beach to have the perfect day in Dubai.

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