Discover Dubai Parks and Resorts: Fun for the whole family

Dubai delivers a punch when it comes to unbelievable theme parks, perfect for a thrilling day out. Whether you are planning the holiday to Dubai as a couple or with the whole family, look at the including time at the theme parks of Dubai. With three theme parks and one waterpark, Dubai Parks and Resorts offers visitors an exciting experience like no other.

Discover Dubai Parks and Resorts: Fun for the whole family

Containing more than 100 unbelievable indoor and outdoor rides and attractions at Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park, this maze of fun will keep those young at heart fascinated. What’s more, at the centrally located Riverland entertainment and dining boulevard, visitors will find pleasant options for the whole family. You can even stay in the middle of the action at Lapita Hotel, a Polynesian-themed family resort inside the park.

Dubai Parks and Resorts Popularity is on the Rise

Dubai Parks and Resorts (DXB), the Middle East’s biggest combined entertainment and theme park destination, has reported more than 1.4 million visitors in the first half 2018 - an increase of more than 46% year-on-year.

The UAE operator reported more than 612,000 visits in its second quarter, compared to 414,000 in the identical period in 2017. April was the top month for Parks and Resort, with 300,000 visits. The rise in visitors was corresponding the rise in hotel residence, with Dubai Parks and Resorts' Lapita Hotel increasing occupancy by 55% in the first half of the year. This was a momentous increase, with overall occupancy for the same period in 2017 at 24%.

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the Middle East's largest integrated resort destination

Laid out across 25 million square feet, Dubai Parks and Resorts comprises three first-class theme parks, a water park a hotel, shops and restaurants.

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the largest theme park complex in the Middle East. There are three theme parks and one water park that are connected by Riverland Dubai which is full of shops and eateries, and a pretty scenic vibe too.

The theme parks in Dubai Parks and Resorts

The theme parks are MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, a Hollywood inspired theme park, LEGOLAND Dubai which is LEGO enthused and generally for younger children, and Bollywood Parks Dubai which is the first theme park in the world devoted to Bollywood. LEGOLAND Waterpark is the most unbelievable waterpark for younger children with 20 slides for kids aged 2-12.

Dubai brings you some Bollywood vibes

BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai is the first theme park in the world dedicated wholly to Bollywood and features everything from flamboyant cinematic rides to live entertainment shows.

Take a stroll and look at all the range of shops across the park for souvenirs showcasing the best of Bombay, mouth-watering Indian sweets and rock memorabilia.

Set in the heart of BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai, Raajmahal Theatre is an opulent theatre with a capacity of 856 seats for lavish live shows several times a week.

Visit Legoland Dubai for a family fun day

Enjoy around-the-clock interactive fun at LEGOLAND® Dubai and enjoy all the rides, shows and attractions that make it the perfect place for a family day out. Climb aboard the medieval Dragon coaster at LEGOLAND® Dubai for a thrilling experience. LEGOLAND® Water Park has 20 water slides and attractions designed especially for families with kids aged 2-12.

Visit the best motion picture studios MOTIONGATE™

Step into a world of invention and adventure at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, featuring the best of three of the largest motion picture studios in Hollywood. MOTIONGATE™ Dubai offers a fantastic selection of cafeterias, whether you want a soothing break from all the action or a quick bite to eat.

Riverland connect the three theme parks together

This can be a little confusing at first as many people think the Riverland is another theme park, but it’s a connecting boardwalk that attaches all the parks. There are different areas you can walk through which are themed of various inspirations, such as the 1950’s America with neon lights and palm trees dotted around.

Dubai Holidays bringing you the very best in entertainment

The park launched in late 2016 and it is still expanding and growing and I’m sure it will just get bigger and better.
The popularity of the location this year as well, speaks volumes, because it is proving to be a must-visit choice in Dubai. Kids and adults alike have a great time exploring the many parks, rides, and restaurants.

All in all, it’s safe to say it’s an amazing experience, and one for all thrill seekers. It’s likened to going to a smaller version of the theme parks in Orlando in Florida, only it is much closer for Brits and with perfect weather, even during the winter months.  

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