These hotels take Luxury to a whole new level: Top luxury hotels in Dubai

What can I tell you about Dubai, that you haven’t already heard? They’ve really surpassed even our wildest dreams when it comes to bathing yourself in luxury and feeling like a king and queen at almost every venue and event. For me, and for many others, Dubai will be the epicentre of luxury – almost a heaven on earth type of destination.

These hotels take Luxury to a whole new level: Top luxury hotels in Dubai

From Michelin star restaurants in every variety of cuisine, the world’s first 7-star hotel, to huge skyscrapers, supercars on every corner you turn, shopping malls that would put Westfield to shame; it really is a playground for the rich and wealthy.

Here is a list of the best hotels in Dubai, with a personal rating for each one from what I’ve read, heard or experienced. Each of these fabulous Dubai hotels have something diverse to offer their visitors.

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - One and Only Royal Mirage

Spend your days ambling through extravagant grounds, admiring ancient architecture or take the daring course by soaring out of an airplane and renting water jetpacks. Ready to book your trip? Check out my list of the best Dubai hotels to help decide where you’ll stay.

I’ve rated these hotels in order of what appeals to me:

Once in a lifetime type of experience at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – 7/10

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

More than 15 years old, this 56-floor, 321 metres-high sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, has been branded as the "best hotel in the world". It's a true 7-star hotel in every sense. Fancy being royalty for the length of your stay? You’ll find no other hotel like this one around the globe – people have commented on how the concierge is super helpful directing you carefully to the best places in Dubai. I’d say it is well worth the stay! Everything was just perfect. They treated us like a royalty.

Perfect honeymoon at the Al Maha Resort and Spa 8/10

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - Al Maha Resort and Spa

This is a romantic eco-friendly escape from the desert and is the most seductive of its kind. It is best suited to honeymooners or those looking for alone time. This place is amazing. The rooms are like bungalows all with their very own private pool. Some of the things that people commented about Al Maha Resort and Spa are: Beautiful views of the sand dunes and the indigenous Arabian wildlife, remote location, well-trained staff, tent-style suites, Timeless Spa, Complimentary desert activities, buggies and Gastronomy.

French cuisine at the One&Only Royal Mirage 9/10

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - One and Only Royal Mirage

This one is my favourite! Luxury redefined. This one looks like a lavish Arabian palace. The ideal place to rest your head in a plush bedroom, smoke shisha under the palm trees near the bar and eat Emirati dishes. Join Three-star Michelin Chef Yannick Alleno for dinner at Stay restaurant and have a taste of French cuisine in Dubai. After dinner, head to the fashionable 101 Bar, overseeing Dubai’s bejewelled skyline and private marinas.

Almost feels like Thailand at the Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort 7/10

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - Anantara Tha Palm Dubai Resort

This is a great romantic stay – as it is a little remote location at the end on palm crescent but with stunning views of Dubai. Many people have reviewed this hotel to say they felt like they were in a Thailand resort due to the scenery and the ambience. Explore the flavours of the Mekong with dishes from Vietnam and China with cooking classes offered on site too. Then wonder around the resort by Thai river boats or operated tuk-tuks. Finally, send the kids to the teen clubs for some peaceful me-time and relax in the traditional Turkish hammam at the Anantara Spa.

Designer hotels in Dubai, Palazzo Versace Dubai 9/10

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - Palazzo Versace Dubai

Live the Versace lifestyle, meandering through lavish gardens decorated by lagoons and reflection ponds. Explore the shores of the historic Dubai Creek. At night, head to Q’s Bar and Lounge for live music, exclusive drinks and the world’s finest cigars.

Authentic Italian Luxury from Armani Hotel Dubai 8/10

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - Armani Hotel Dubai

The Armani Hotel takes cool hotels in Dubai to a whole new level, literally. Located in the Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel is a part of the highest mega-tall skyscraper in the world. Party at the ultra-chic Armani/Prive night club located on the 144th floor, where the best parties in the city take place. Sleep in authentic Italian luxury, for every room in this boutique hotel features the personal touch of designer Giorgio Armani himself.

You will find numerous Luxurious Hotels in Dubai

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - Hilton Dubai Creek

Each year, it seems a few more hotels crop up with huge competition – wanting to provide another aspect of luxury and glamour that maybe one of the other hotels may have missed. So really, the choice of Hotels in Dubai is aplenty – from the more affordable Hiltons and Taj’s to the more lavish ones mentioned above.

Top luxury hotels in Dubai - Taj Dubai

Ready to jet away to Dubai? The coming months from October through till February are the milder months in Dubai and therefore more enjoyable! Get your passport ready and simply pick one of these grand hotels to make your trip to Dubai unforgettable! 

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