Visit Bollywood Park Dubai - the world’s only theme park of its kind

Founded on the thriving Indian film industry that exists in Mumbai, the theme park elaborates on the delightful spirit behind Bollywood, and the stars who make it come alive. Bollywood Parks Dubai is the world's first park entirely themed around Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies have billions of enthusiasts from not only India but also from all over the globe.

Visit Bollywood Park Dubai - the world’s only theme park of its kind

If you’ve ever seen a Bollywood film, you’ll remember the remarkable drama, thrilling actions, exciting music, and exaggerated dance moves. To experience all of this on another level, Bollywood Parks Dubai should be on your bucket list of newest Dubai attractions.

Where is Bollywood Park Dubai and how to get there?

Bollywood Park Dubai

Set in Jebel Ali, Bollywood Parks Dubai is one of the main attractions with the other two main attractions near - two other theme parks: the Hollywood inspired Motiongate Dubai and Legoland Dubai plus a Legoland Waterpark, Riverland Dubai, and the Polynesian-Themed Lapita Resort. Bollywood Park is divided into five zones based on the biggest hits of Indian cinema.

Bollywood Park Dubai

Opening Hours:

4:00 PM to 12:00 AM


Dubai Parks and Resort, Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

How much does a ticket to Bollywood Park cost?

Bollywood Park Regular Admission Tickets costs 175 Dirhams, and a Bollywood Park Ticket with Transfers as well costs 252 Dirhams.

What are some of the highlight moments from Bollywood Park Dubai?

Bollywood Park Dubai

One of the best things to do at the Bollywood park experiences the multi-sensory 4D theatre adventures – which includes flying through the sky with Krrish or plummeting into the exciting virtual world from Ra. ONE - to epic Bollywood routines that will take you back through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, then all the way to today’s newest hits, Bollywood Parks Dubai is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Bollywood Park Dubai

Visit the royal, pastoral Indian village modelled after the hit film “Lagaan” and get on a series of daring rides and attractions. Wander through Bollywood Boulevard, home to the Rock On!! themed restaurant.

Imaginatively merging the ideal Bollywood movie watching experience with the super effect theme park attractions, each of the five zones of this mega entertainment project is totally extraordinary, as it’s the only authentic theme park in the world, exclusively dedicated to Bollywood, and of course, the greatest fans of Bollywood movies.

Delightful food and raving reviews from Bollywood Park Dubai

Bollywood Park Dubai

Taste street food from Pav Bhaji, which consists of squashed vegetables in spices served on a hot roll, to slow roasted peanuts, succulent sugar-cane candy juice, chai, and much more.

Bollywood Park Dubai

At the Spicy Dhaba, you’ll discover you can get quick meals that you can walk around with, including tandoori bread and classic Punjabi fare, while Studio Canteen has more fast-food type of food on its menus, such as pastas, burgers and pizza.

So, all in all Bollywood Park caters for all tastes and preferences.

Visit Dubai Bollywood Park on your next trip to Dubai this year

Bollywood Park Dubai

This park is one of the newer additions to Dubai and is well worth a day visit – sometimes you can get deals to visit the other theme parks that are nearby, so keep an eye out for a good deal.

From entering this majestic theme park, you’ll enjoy your time exploring the many different senses of Bollywood thrills and spills it brings for you. You’ll notice how well it is all set out as well, from the infrastructure to the smallest signs, everything is perfectly reconstructed. It’s a tourist hot spot right now as well which is why you’ll easily find souvenirs from your favourite films and rides at the many stalls and retailers across the park. Be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind theme park on your next holiday in Dubai.

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