Dubai International Airport: Getting around one of the worlds biggest airports.

Offering flights to over 260 destinations and over six continents, Dubai International Airport is known as the most important navigation centres, located in the Middle East, and serving routes the most luxurious cities of United Arab Emirates. Having over 70 million passengers passing through Dubai airport every year – that is in fact, more than the entire population of the UK, makes this airport, one of the world’s busiest airport.

Dubai International Airport: Getting around one of the worlds biggest airports.

The fact alone that it’s super busy, can alone, be overwhelming, so here is your across-the-board guide with few tips and low-downs on how to make your journey a little less hectic in Dubai.

In and out of the Airport

Even if you have checked in online it is a good idea to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your departure to give you enough time for busy periods. This gives you extra time to weigh in your luggage and find out which terminal you will need to be at.

Travelling between terminals

Dubai airport it divided into three terminals one of which is the new luxe emirates terminal three. Although the airport covers 7,200 acres of land, don’t worry this doesn’t mean you’ll have to sprint to your next flight. The airport offers a 24/7 free underground train, operating every 20 minutes making it a quick trip across the terminal to get to your next flight.

Taking care of your luggage

We all want to overpack "just in case" when going on a holiday, overpacking, two outfits per day, but let’s be honest- this can be the most burdensome part of travelling. Dubai Airport specialises in proving secure luggage storage solutions catering to your long and short-term needs making it easier for you to look around and relax in Dubai Airport.

Porters on hand to help with luggage in Dubai

If you’re departing from Dubai Airport, you’ll find porters by the terminal entrance. If you are arriving you will find them by the baggage reclaim carousels. You will be offered help with your luggage – paying a small fee of AED25 directly to the porter. Happy to take care of it on your own? Free trolleys will be provided at convenient locations across the airport.

Wanting to secure your baggage for a short stay? They have you covered, and will happily take care of your bags. Terminals 1 and 3 both offer this service, it is open 24/7, costing AED40 for 12 hours or less for standard size luggage; AED50 for 12 hours or less for larger luggage.

Them connecting flights can get tiring, sitting around for hours with nothing to do. Dubai airport provides some unique features to keep your comfortable and entertainment whilst you are waiting – you could literally spend hours in this airport.

Here is a list of 6 things you can do before you fly

1. Relax in the Zen Garden

Surrounded by greenery, the tranquil sounds of the trickling stream and a beautiful fishpond. The Zen Garden is the perfect stop for you to gather your thoughts, read a book or just take some time out from the hustle and bustle. Also provided a play area to keep your children entertained.

2. Enjoy a good meal - Eat for free

Giving you the option of fast food and full dining options from many food and beverage outlets across the board. The restaurants are located across each terminal, with coffee spots at every corner, all open 24/7.
Staying over for more than 3 hours? It’s only right that Dubai welcomes you with food. Emirates flights provides food for its passengers; all you must do is claim your food voucher, which you can use at numerous food chains in the airport, such as Burger King and Starbucks.

3. Lounge – Book in some me time

Kick back and enjoy the array of lavish lounges. Whilst some lounges are specific for airlines and flight class, anyone can pay to spend time in a lounge of your choice. You can also experience to a whole new level of luxury at the Dubai airport, lounging in the Al Majlis VIP, that takes care of all travel formalities. A limousine assigned to transport you, providing you with a choice three large lounges as well as being offered the services of a personal assistant during your duty-free shopping.

4. Loosen up them pockets

Have you missed packing something you really need for your holiday? Dubai airport offers you the opportunity to complete all your shopping, with tax-free duty-free shops, which offers a range of products. Shop the selection of designer glasses, wine, chocolates and many more. They also have a separates section for electronics and fashion. Giving you cheaper prices on quality products, what more could you ask for?

5. Book a SnoozeCube

Feeling exhausted? And you don’t want to eat or shop? If your flight has been delayed; cancellations or long transits – then why not get some shut eye and head over to the snooze cube. Providing the perfect space for passengers who want some privacy and somewhere to lay their head. Having 13 units across terminal 1 all having a bed, touchscreen TV offering movies and music and a storage area. An hour of relaxation in SnoozeCube costs AED75 for a single cube, AED100 for a double cube.

6. Family time.

Travelling with children? Head over to the family facility "kids zone" and discover a whole range of fun activities. The area includes an interactive game zone and a climbing frame. Baby rooms are also available, helping parents to attend to their baby privately just consult an information desk and they will locate you to the baby zone closest to you. Not to mention, a number of prayer rooms situated throughout the airport. At Dubai Airport, your whole family will be take care of.

Dubai Airport is regarded as an attraction in itself

Many people have marvelled at the architecture of the building – the hundreds of activities, food outlets, shopping options and chill out areas that Dubai Airport has to offer, some have said it is second to none.

We all know Dubai like to do it big, better and best. This airport doesn’t disappoint. It caters to all wants and needs, be it a snooze, a massage or simply wanting to get those last minute duty-free items.

It’s very easy to get carried away here though. Keep an eye on the time and don’t miss your flight or empty them pockets completely - you’ll need to save some for your return home.  

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