Six of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Dubai

Some choose to ditch the lamb, beef, bacon and chicken and make a lifestyle change, and why should this differ on your holiday to Dubai? Plus, in Dubai eating veggies is getting cooler. Over the past few years being Vegan has become trendy, and statistics show a steep rise in demand for non-dairy products. The good thing is Dubai has catered for such a market and there are some wonderful vegan eateries dotted around the city.

Six of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Dubai

More and more people have become health conscious and they are increasingly thinking about what’s on their plate. Apart from health benefits to eating a vegan diet, some are also conscious of animal welfare and environmental issues, which are all aiding veganism from niche to ordinary. Some class themselves as vegetarian, where they eat no meat besides fish, whilst vegans will avoid consuming any kind of animal products; in other words, no eggs, butter or cheese, fish or anything prepared with any of these and other animal products.

Veggie and Vegan Restaurants in Dubai have been on the rise in the last five years…

Whether you’re a life-long vegan, part time veggie, or just looking to pack in more of your five-a-day, here are some of the city’s finest vegan restaurants or even restaurants that serve meat but also have a good range of vegan dishes to choose from.

  1. Even curious carnivores love the vegan menu at Be Supernatural Kitchen

    The food at Be Supernatural Kitchen is all organic, raw and western. It also has its own juice bar. They use no gluten, refined sugar or preservatives.Here, you should sample the smoked "salmon" which is actually made from papaya – or the delicious "lasagne" made from spiralised beetroot and zucchini, but my favourite is the Portobello burger! This vegan raw-food serving restaurant is situation in the food court of Vegan raw food restaurant located in the food court of Galeries Lafayette, which is a shopping destination for beauty brands. What I thought was lovely is that it has a little shop attached selling vegan produce & products, so if you liked the food take some goodies back with you to your hotel room.My ears always perk up when someone mentions dessert, and these guys know how to do a good dessert – on the menu I saw a carrot cake and toffee apple pie with cream, plus a gooey chocolate brownie – Delicious!
  2. Pinza has a choice of vegan pizzas and my verdict of them was delicious!

    Pizza is everyone’s favourite, right? So, it’s no wonder many vegans are excited to hear of the new vegan pizza in Dubai. If you visit, you’ll agree with me that it is the best vegan pizza joint in Dubai. Try the cheese-less El Padrino pizza, customised with vegan cheese, smoked vegan sausages, sweetcorn, basil and chilli flakes on top. Made from a crispy dough base made up of 80 per cent water and 20 per cent flour, Pinza’s pizzas are nutritious, light and yummy.
  3. Comptoir 102 café is a Jumeriah hot spot located in a stylish fashion and furniture boutique

    Comptoir 102 is Jumeirah favourite; this stylish boutique with health-conscious cafe serves up many vegan options.This cafe was the Winner of the What’s On Award of the best Healthy Café in Dubai and the lovely thing is that the boutique selling furniture and fashion has also featured in many editorial magazines, and since become one of the top choices for vegans to visit in Dubai. The ingredients are sourced from local farms, which allows to keep the uppermost standards of excellence. The sugar-free and dairy-free, with raw, vegan and gluten free options menu, changes daily according to harvest.
  4. Hanoi Naturally is an Asian food restaurant with a delicious vegetarian menu

    Although, not fully vegan, as they serve meat dishes, this is delightful if you’d like a vegetarian dish off their egg and dairy-free menu. You can order a tofu pho bowl, green papaya salad and braised aubergine stew, which all sound delightfully heart-warming and tasty.It is a small and simple place, with bright green and orange chairs and photographs of Vietnamese rice farmers and fishermen on the walls. This canteen-style eatery is great for a casual lunch or dinner. The cafe does have egg noodles in some dishes on the menu, so be sure to swap those for rice noodles instead.
  5. Kababji Grill may not sound healthy, but they have some yummy vegan choices

    We know, Kababji Grill doesn’t sound very vegan, but the Lebanese restaurant has just launched its new vegan menu filled with tasty, healthy dishes. I’ve never come across vegan hummus before, so I was happy to find a version of it in their vegan menu, and it’s really delicious too! I also tried the Batata wa Kezbara, fried potato cubes mixed with herbs, coriander, spices & virgin olive oil. They were amazing, warm, tender, crunchy and well-seasoned.You must also order the Quinoa Tabbouleh salad crafted by nutritionist Sawsan Wazzan Jabri. Whether you live in Dubai or you are just visiting for a few days: Kababji Grill offers a vegan hassle-free Lebanese eating experience for everyone.
  6. 77 Veggie Boutique is an all-vegetarian health-conscious restaurant in Dubai you must try

    77 Veggie Boutique located in JLT is a popular take-away choice – but you can also sit in and eat. They offer a breakfast menu and an international & Asian inspired menu for lunch and dinner. The menu includes a few fresh juices and smoothies as well as desserts. For those watching their calorie intake, they are given for every single dish on the menu, which is useful. Try the Veggie Patti Burger and the Arabia Fit Spinach & Chickpeas Meal, and for dessert the Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin comes highly recommended.

Veggie and Vegan Restaurants in Dubai have been on the rise in the last five years…

Sometimes dietary requirements make people feel uneasy about going on a fabulous holiday – but it shouldn’t be a worry if you’re heading out to Dubai. Not only is it one of the best holidays you will have, but it offers such a huge variety of food options, that you’d find a few vegetarian and vegan options of almost all restaurants you visit. The above six vegan restaurants in Dubai are definitely worth sampling though, so plan in a couple of them when you are visiting this beautiful city.

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