Ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day in Dubai

Dubai makes such a versatile holiday because of the numerous activities it offers. You have beautiful beaches, the stunning creek, massive shopping malls, indoor skiing and not to mention the dessert. A holiday in Dubai serves as an excellent base to provide a perfectly romantic and memorable day for your partner. If you’re lucky enough to be on a fabulous hot holiday in Dubai on 14th February, then here are some fuss-free, ideas and tips to help you plan the most amazing Valentine’s day.

Ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day in Dubai

Can you believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner? How could you possibly forget, right? Soon you’ll see every store covered in bright hearts and sugar-coated candy. And while Valentine's Day may get a bad rap with the high expectations and pressure it carries, it can still be enjoyed as an organised day to show appreciated to how much you value your partner.

Dubai being the epitome of luxury, it’s hard to not impress your loved one on a grand scale in Dubai. From couple's massages to dinner under the stars, we've got some relaxing options that laid-back couples are going to love.

Here are some special swoon-worthy ideas to treat your loved one to on valentine’s day in Dubai:

To make your holiday memorable and you’ve either booked a trip to Dubai for Valentine’s day or it has merely coincided with your holiday plans, then it’s still a great idea to organise the day so that you are well prepared to sweep your lover off their feet. These ideas serve various tastes so you’ll find a whole range of choices below.

Treat yourselves to a couple’s spa session

If you’re undecided on how Valentine’s day can be super special, or if you’re single and you want to take out a friend on Valentine’s day, it’s always a good choice to spend the time together re-charging your batteries at a relaxing spa – especially some of the more luxurious spa packages we have found in Dubai.

One of my favourite spas in Dubai is the Talise Ottoman Spa, because of its pristine surroundings, calming atmosphere and the interior is beautifully thought out. They have a Romance Package where you enter the huge couple’s suite, and enjoy a 60-minute aromatherapy massage. You’re offered two glasses of champagne and strawberries, and then you head to your suite’s private jacuzzi.
Or why not try the "Couple's Suite" at Raffles Spa in Raffles Dubai, which is offering a special Valentine's Day package that includes a 60-minute massage and deluxe afternoon tea. If you're looking to make the day of it, bring your swimwear and lounge at the hotel's extravagant pool while supping cocktails in the moonlight.

Enjoy a romantic meal in Dubai

Some say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But I say us ladies also love a good meal in a romantic setting. Either way, if you’re a bloke impressing the missus, or a lady wanting to woo her man, head to a romantic restaurant for a memorable meal.
Some good choices for valentine’s day meals is Thiptara, where you’ll get a taste of delicious Thailand and the best views of the city, with a good vantage point on the Dubai Fountains too.

Or else try 101 Bar & Lounge, which offers amazing views of Dubai Marina, and send out super chilled out vibes. It’s sleek interior and delicious steaks and churros are to die for.

And finally, my favourite food place for a romantic night is the relaxing surroundings Reform Social and Grill’s lovely pub garden while you tuck into a delicious five-course tasting menu. Some of the climaxes include an Angus beef fillet steak and a red velvet cake drizzled with white chocolate liquor.

But I must admit, the ultimate romantic meal gesture would be floating along the creek for BBQ, float off into the sunset with your sweetheart on a BBQ Donut and enjoy a personalised Valentine's Day menu that can be catered and customised just for you. One of our favourite Dubai experiences for loved up couples, BBQ Donut is fun, romantic and totally exclusive.

Go dancing together in Dubai on Valentine’s Day

Few actions offer such an occasion for intimate expression of love and joy as dancing. Dancing shouldn't be just about your wedding day; do it as often as you can and get help from the pros to teach you some moves. Ballroom, tango and salsa are good for couples and lessons can be customised at the Arthur Murray dance studio. He offers introductory lessons at 100 dirhams and you must pre-book your slot.

Set the romantic scene from the waters or from the skies

Can there be any sight more romantic than that from the sea watching a sunset off from up in the clouds admiring the beautiful city skyline?
There is the new romance tours from Yellow Boats, which are super cute, there will be a rose for ladies and complimentary mixed drinks for passengers. If you’re planning a proposal with an impact, then the private tours take in the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, royal palaces and more.

For a memorable air-borne ride, opt for a hot-air balloon in Dubai. Notwithstanding the early start (Dubai hotel pick-ups are pre-dawn) we can assure you the world really is a better place when seen from a hot air balloon over the desert.

A romantic walk with the love of your life in Dubai

Are you after a killer view? One that will take your breath away? Do you also enjoy going for long romantic walks? I’ve got just the thing in mind….

Trekking in Aqaba-Lima will provide you with the most picturesque views and a romantic day rolled into one. The day will begin with a boat ride to Aqaba fishing harbour, then you’ll be able to experience a romantic coastal walk with your loved one, right above the coral reef. Lunch will take place under the trees at a date farm, and you can finish the day with a swim in their fresh water pool – This one will impress even the most love-cynic of people.

Plenty of romance available for your Valentine’s Day in Dubai

You can see from the list above that there are more than a handful of activities to engage in to sweep your loved ones off their feet. What more, even if it isn’t Valentine’s day, you can still look up any of these restaurants, spas and activities and enjoy a romantic evening or day at your own leisure. After all, the cynics will say, who needs a Valentine’s Day – every day is a Valentine’s Day for our loved ones.

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