Your ultimate bucket list for Dubai - unmissable activities for every Dubai holidaymaker

From the spectacular Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building at 828m, to the remarkable Palm Jumeirah and The World islands, Dubai is evidence to man's dream and desire. Looking at some of the luxuries, it is simple to understand how it has become one of the world's favourite traveller destinations.

Your ultimate bucket list for Dubai - unmissable activities for every Dubai holidaymaker

Making up one of the seven United Arab Emirates and is well aided by airlines, with direct flights from London, Birmingham and Manchester taking less than eight hours.

If you're looking for an ideal break for you and your partner then aim to book between November and April as these tend to be the cooler months and the heat is bearable. Check in to one of the many extravagant five-star spa hotels and prepare to be indulged with the city's fabulous service.

Dubai is known for retail therapy

Your ultimate bucket list for Dubai - shopping.

Dubai is the definitive shopping destination so if you need a dosage of retail therapy you've come to the right place. No visit to Dubai is complete without a trip to The Dubai Mall - the world's largest shopping mall with entertainment with over 1,200 shops competing for your dirhams.

Your ultimate bucket list for Dubai - gold souk.

The Gold Souk is where to you will find gorgeous bespoke jewellery. Its slender lanes are crammed with stall holders all selling gold, making it a great place to try out your negotiating skills to see if you can bag yourself a bargain.

The popularity of Dubai is risen over the last 10 years

Your ultimate bucket list for Dubai - popular place.

With its warm weather, picture-perfect beaches and friendly nature, Dubai is rightly ahead with a repute as the perfect place for a family break; with theme parks, beaches, shopping and brunches to keep everyone happy. The famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is well worth a visit. Burj Al-Arab, often flaunted as the world’s only 7-star hotel, left me expecting a little more. However, the Aquaventure Water Park at the Palms Atlantis Hotel is a must!

Your ultimate bucket list for Dubai - Aquaventure water park at the Atlantis Palm.

Your must-do bucket list (print it off and take it with you!)

Here are the best things to do in Dubai. Your trip to Dubai is not complete if you haven’t ticked off these activities on the list – for Dubai is known for these gems.

  •  You’re travelling to the city of superlative. The tallest building awaits you in the form of Burj Khalifa. Take their fastest lift in the world to the top.
  •  After the mind-blowing panoramic sights, take the abra ride on the Dubai Creek. You can ride on an old roofed boat from Bur Dubai Abra station and cross the creek for one dirham at sunset, whilst listening to the evening calls to prayer singing our beautifully from the mosque minerets.
  •  The city has some of the most wonderful parks. They are clean, green and inviting. Take your camera with you and some picnic things for a lovely peaceful stop over. 
  • Visit the Ravi restaurant. The Ravi restaurant is a curry house and often finds itself in top ten restaurants in Dubai lists. You’ll find hearty Pakistani cuisine here and very friendly staff.
  • Visit the Green Planet This rainforest and education centre is the habitat for 3,000 living species including an aquarium full of stingrays, arapaima, turtles in water, plus chirping birds flying overhead, while you can’t touch them, it still makes a great experience.
  • Dance at 360, arguabaly the best night life in Dubai - this circular nightspot is the perfect al-fresco location in which to watch the sun set and dance until sunrise.
  • Skydive over the Palm This is the ultimate bucket-list activity, I’m sure you will agree. You’ll get an adrenaline-powered once-in-a-lifetime experience and unbelievable views of the city skyline from 13,000ft.
  • Be sure to visit the ski slopes in Dubai. Known as Ski Dubai, the huge slope is located in the Mall of the Emirates at the Marina. You’ll be in for a shock – you’ll be going from 30-40 degrees Celcius to below zero temperatures!
  • Ride the world’s fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World known as the Formula Rossa Coaster, and seriously, it takes serious guts to get on this bad boy coaster – it shoots out of the ride gates at 240 kph, and launches the riders 62 meters in to the air.
  • Play with dolphins – isn’t that everyones dream? To swim with dolphins? Ensure you tick this one off your bucket list in Dubai then! Watch them perform at Dubai Dolphinarium or get up close and personal at the Atlantis Dolphin Centre.
  • Ever dared to eat something new? Well you should try Camel meat in Dubai. This uncommon food is now available at a startling number of restaurants so it evidently liked by some. Trial this tasty treat in Dubai Marina at Best Burgers Forever, which serves a camel-meat burger.
  • Enjoy a delightful evening by the Dubai Fountains. Head to the fountains to make sure you’ve ticked this delight off the list. The Dubai Fountain is the world's second largest choreographed fountain system set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, at the centre of the Downtown Dubai

Knowing the basics matters before your holiday to Dubai:

Your ultimate bucket list for Dubai - Dirhams.

Currency: Dirham, Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)
Time difference: +4 hours
Flight time: London to Dubai is approximately 8 hours

Bucket list moment for a holiday in Dubai complete with this list:

Complete the bucket list above and you will have done a great number of things that Dubai is loved and known for. Ensure you print off the Dubai bucket list or plan your holiday to start the best time you can have whilst on a holiday to Dubai. The city is on an ever-lasting task to progress itself and this futuristic attitude is great. I love going back each year – and seeing more changes to the skyline – the city is never the same one day to the next. 

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