Top ten places to Instagram in Dubai

Dubai offers plenty of photo opportunities, but carefully selected locations can really up your Instagram game. Make sure you include these spots on your holiday itinerary to give your account a huge boost.

Top ten places to Instagram in Dubai

When it comes to taking photos during your trip, there are holiday snaps, then there are Instagram-worthy pics. The difference may seem small, but it's worth shooting your pictures with their final purpose in mind. Luckily, Dubai is full of Instagram-ready locations just waiting for you to snap away.

Instagram-worthy spots in Dubai

  1. The 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa

    A great view of a cityscape from above will fit perfectly into any Instagram feed. Get it by ascending to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa. It's not the highest observation deck in the world's tallest building – that can be found on level 148 and gives a better view of the top of the structure – but the whole of Dubai stretches out in front of you for perfect shots. Don't forget to add the #BurjKhalifaview hashtag when you upload your shots to Instagram.

  2. The Dubai Fountain

    Near the base of the Burj Khalifa is another striking Instagram location: The Dubai Fountain. Shooting more than 22,000 gallons of water into the air at any given moment when it's operational, the synchronised jets are a sight to behold. Capturing their majesty and applying the Inkwell filter will gain you maximum Instagram kudos, with the spectacle thrown into shades of black and white.

  3. Burj Al Arab from Jumeirah Beach

    There's no mistaking the iconic sail-shape of the Burj Al Arab – one of the most luxurious hotels in the world – making it the perfect place for an Instagram selfie. You'll need to be far enough away from the famous structure in order to get it all in, so position yourself on Jumeirah Beach. Add the #BurjAlArab hashtag for a chance to have your post regrammed on the hotel's official Instagram page, which has a staggering 585,000 followers.

  4. Dubai Desert

    Away from all the skyscrapers and decadence is the desert that surrounds Dubai and it offers plenty of Instagram-worthy experiences. The rich colours of the sand provide the perfect backdrop and the Lark filter can really make them glow. Whether you are pictured leaping in the air and flicking the sand with your foot, quad biking or riding a camel, shots from the desert are sure to stand out on your profile.

  5. Dubai Miracle Garden

    If your Instagram account is in need of a splash of colour, make your way to the Dubai Miracle Garden. With more than 109 million flowers across its displays, a butterfly house and pathways covered in a canopy of umbrellas, there's no shortage of photo opportunities. You'll be able to use the pics you took here as your #photooftheday for weeks after you get back from your holiday in Dubai.

  6. Al Mahara Restaurant

    There's only one way that photos of food designed by a Michelin-starred chef can get any better and that's with a superb backdrop. They don't get any better than the central aquarium at Al Mahara Restaurant, where you can snap your seafood plates with fish swimming behind. Don't forget to tag your photos at this famous restaurant run by Nathan Outlaw when you post them.

  7. Dubai Mall Waterfall

    Don't visit the Dubai Mall just for the designer shops - you can also bag an inspired Instagram photo or two. The huge waterfall reaching right up to the mall's roof is complete with sculptures of athletic-looking figures seemingly diving off it in all their muscled prowess. Be sure to get some close-ups, as well a few from a distance for a bit of variety on your account. The flow of water and falling figures look particularly good when the Willow filter is applied, as it maximises the shadows.

  8. Helicopter ride over Atlantis The Palm

    The beauty of some things can only be truly appreciated from a distance and when it comes to Atlantis The Palm, you'll see why. A helicopter ride above this incredible man-made island will lay bare its true form in all its glory. As well as pics, you'll want to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime experience and shoot a video for Instagram too.

  9. Infinity pool at Dukes Dubai

    Among the features to recommend at the Dukes Dubai hotel is its incredible infinity pool, which seemingly stretches off into the Arabian Gulf. Don your bikini and get your travel companion to take some great photos to give all your Instagram followers #infinitypoolgoals. Be sure to get a good spot in the evening as the sun goes down, because perfect sunsets reflected on the water are the stuff that Instagram dreams are made of.

  10. Dubai Marina cruise

    To get a wide variety of Instagram pics in one go, take a Dubai Marina cruise. The traditional dhow you'll travel on is photogenic in itself and you'll float by many a landmark over the course of the evening. Shots from the water are instantly more interesting than those on land and the evening light will add extra charm. Install an app that gives you a long exposure prior to your trip and your phone will be ready to take stunning night-time pics.

Key to Instagram success in Dubai

When it comes to achieving the best Instagram pictures, it's not just about having fantastic subject matter, of which there is plenty in Dubai. You also need to make sure you're standing in the best location to capture the shot, using appropriate filters and upping your hashtag game, so people can find your posts.

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