Top six Latin American restaurants in Dubai

Latin American restaurants in Dubai pack a punch in flavour, and evidently majority of them are a cut above the rest. Fancy tucking into your tapas, tacos or tortillas dipped in salsa and guacamole as the sun goes down in Dubai, lighting up the glittering skyline? Or may you’re a fan of the cutting board of raw meat, cheeses and wines in a laid-back restaurant with live Latin music?

Top six Latin American restaurants in Dubai

Dubai's Latin dining scene is bursting with exotic tastes from Mexico to Peru and is easily able to satisfy the fussiest of diners with the variety. Cha cha your way to one of these diverse restaurants that serve deliciously distinct flavours inspired by Latin America.

  1. Cafe Habana’s food is a delight to tuck in to

    A cosy and compact Cuban-Mexican joint, that serves its food in an almost uncaring but cool macho atmosphere. Located in Souk Al Bahar in Downtown Dubai, you’ll get a waft of smoked foods fill your nostrils, see enthusiastic and generous food portions, walk on mosaic tiled floor, and sit on humble wooden chairs and tables.

    The wonderful miss-matched pieces of art dispersed on the walls sets the scene here, and the menus are simply superb!

    Just reading off the menu, makes me want to order everything: Darkened corn on the cob comes charcoal-grilled and smudged in mayonnaise, parmesan and Tabasco sauce. This really is, my type of food.

    If you want to try the authentic food of Cuba, then try the traditional Cuban sandwich packed with corned beef, pastrami, pickles and mustard sandwiched between thick slices of bread. Cafe Habana sure know how to do their food right!

    Open: Sat-Wed noon-1am, Thu-Fri noon-2am. Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai

  2. Frevo is a popular, buffet style joint

    Frevo is a Brazilian restaurant which offers all-you-can-eat menus. This super popular restaurant in Dubai is famous for its outdoor terrace with a beautiful view of the Dubai Marina.

    The staff are very prompt and frequently check with you to see if you have everything. Start off with a simple beef vegetable soup, with your onion and cheese bread, with a side salad and then tuck into a main of smoked salmon, grilled Mediterranean vegetables and round this off with a cheese board if you have any more room.

    You are give a push button device to alert your waiter that you’d like some barbecued meats. I would suggest going for the galic-glazed striploin.

    Open: Sat-wed 7pm-11.30pm; Thu 7pm-midnight; Fri noon-3.30pm, 7pm-midnight. Fairmont The Palm, Palm Jumeirah

  3. Toro Toro to satisfy your tapas needs

    Bask in latin passion at Toro Tori in Dubai. A highly reviewed Latin American restaurant in Dubai, is in a dimly lit venue in the second tower of Grosvenor House. This delightful find serves tapas, in the form of cold and hot choices, from a medley of pink snapper, avocado, tigre sauce, onion and coriander, which will be a great starter if you are hungry.

    The hot dishes include cod in chunky batter, zucchini filled pastry, and saucy beef ribs. The favourite desert at this wonderful Latin restaurant are the choices of sorbet.

    Open: Sat-Wed 8pm-2am; Thu 8pm-3am; Fri 12.30pm-4pm, 8pm-3am. Grosvenor House Dubai, Dubai Marina

  4. Gaucho have raised the standard for other steakhouses in Dubai

    This glamorous Argentinean restaurant and London export has raised the bar, when it comes to steakhouses in Dubai.

    Right from the moment you step inside, you’ll arrive at a glass elevator, which inclines into the sullen interior of black carpeting, artful metal chandeliers and seat on chairs and booths that’s are padded in cow-hide.

    Once seated, a knowledgeable waiter will arrive presenting a cutting board of raw meat, explaining each cut and how they should be cooked. The meat sampler is light and features raw tuna in truffle oil, lobster and scallops marinated in different flavours. Tuck into the freshly caught salmon or if you want meat, go for the tender lamb chops, sides and fillets, but nothing quite likens to the rib eye steak here.

    Open:daily 11.30am-11.30pm. Gate Village 5, DIFC

  5. Loca has all the Mexican delights that make your mouth water

    Dinner at a delicious Latin restaurant in Dubai, in this lively Mexican place, coupled with a fun dancing nightlife scene, what more can you want for a good evening out in Dubai?

    All your favourite Mexican dishes can be found, as you start your evening with a round of tortilla chips. The starters are raved about in this place; try the "ceviche de pescado", bite-size chunks of raw kingfish marinated in fresh lime juice and tossed with papaya, tomatoes, coriander and red onion.

    The huge bread crumbed "jalapeno" bites exuding melted cheese are my absolute favourite and I’ve never tasted any better than from Loca. Ask how you want your beef short ribs to be cooked for the mains or maybe opt for a classic "fajita".

    Open: noon-midnight. Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah

  6. La Parrilla offers diners perfectly cooked meat, stunning views, and live entertainment

    Spectacular views, true Latin American food and live entertainment give "La Parrilla" a predominantly heartfelt and friendly atmosphere. With a name that literally means "The Grill", "La Parrilla" displays smoking juicy meats and Latin American style for all its diners who love their Latin cuisine.

    What more, I found that the meat here is really cooked to exactly how you ask for, and the views whilst you are eating here top it off. Look out across the Arabian Gulf and the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, "La Parrilla" offers a divine venue choice for diners in Dubai.

    For your main, try some seafood dishes of prawn or cod fish. Or you may prefer a meaty Wagyu Beef option. This place would be the ideal romantic gesture as the taste and atmosphere worth wining and dining with.

    Everyone also love their live entertainment by their tango dancers, which is present daily besides Sundays. Ensure you reserve a spot, because this place is busy.

Settle for only the best Latin American restaurants in Dubai

Pick one or two of these restaurants and you will be extremely satisfied with your meals. These Latin American restaurants in Dubai are a favourite amongst locals and tourists. You have a handful of restaurants here that captivate the true passion tastes of Latin Americans. Their food is full of flavour and their meats pack a punch.

What makes these really special is the chefs are usually expats who have been trained to the highest standard and this food is authentic.

So, what will it be? A cheeky "chimichanga" or a juicy beef sirloin?

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