Dive sites in Dubai for beginners

Do the depths of the sea, the hidden creatures, abundant marine life, tropical fish, turtle, sharks, and generally exploring at 100 metre plus depths of water, excite you? There are so many unknown and mysterious dwellers of the sea that are yet to be discovered – and the prospect of that has always excited me. So when I was planning a trip to Dubai, I wanted to fight my fear of being in open water and learn how to explore the depths of the sea in the United Arab Emirate.

Dive sites in Dubai for beginners

For many, this is a dream way to spend their time on holiday. Water experiences are always fun, and my first experience of snorkelling in Egypt is one I’ll never forget – this is the reason and motivation behind my looking for the very best dive sites to visit when going to Dubai.
I was pleased to find out, Dubai is one of the best diving destinations, thanks to its many dive sites, and marine life – and the best news was that these diving centres caters to all levels of training and experience.

It’s time for me to take the plunge

I used to fear jumping into the open sea – sometimes this still gets me nervous and it almost always takes me a few moments and deep breaths above water to comfort myself. But the experience is one that stays with me forever and one that makes me want to try again.
I’d love to take the plunge when I visit Dubai – so, in preparation, I’m looking at all the dive sites Dubai offers to its people.

Are you ready for shipwrecks, marine life and exploring beneath the surface of the Arabian Gulf? I feel a little nervous, but I’m ready – I have the option of exploring in the pool or in open water, which is why Dubai is such a great destination for beginners like me. What better place to introduce myself to this amazing adventure that the warm waters of Dubai?

Some great diving sites for beginners like me:

At Atlantis Dive Centre offers scuba diving classes and workshops in Dubai

If you’re interested in discovering the secrets if the ocean, Atlantic Dive centre can help you out. This PADI accredited capacity is extremely well equipped in Dubai, with indoor saltwater pools, teaching space, gear and boat rentals. All main diving courses are available, as well as a variety of trips and tours in Dubai. Perfect way to introduce yourself to diving with confidence.

Al Boom Diving gives you a wide variety of dive sites to choose from

Al Boom Diving centres can be found at six locations in the Emirate: Atlantis The Palm, Aqua Centre Jumeirah, Al Boom Al Quoz, Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, Le Meridien Al Aqah Fujairah and Dibba Fujairah, which means they are easy to find, no matter where you're staying.
This dive centre is well known and is run by professional and qualified divers, who are keen to share their dreams of exploring the deep waters of the UAE with you. Classes are appropriate for both beginners and those wanting to take their skills to the next level.

Deep Blue see diving – dive with the experts of Dubai

This established diving destination, known as the Deep Blue Sea in Dubai, was founded in 2004, and quickly became one of the leading dive centres in the UAE offering a range of courses from beginner to instructor levels, as well as certified first aid courses.
The dive firm boasts excellent facilities with up-to-date and safety-checked equipment. They also have a well-stocked dive shop, training pool, classrooms and an equipment rental business. Diving trips in both the UAE and Oman are organised each week. I’m really excited to try this one out.

Dive with Pavilion Dive Centre

Pavilion Dive Centre at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel unlocks the Gulf for the keen water dweller to explore. The first and only five-star PADI resort in the UAE, it offers respectable classes underwater.
This one is a firm favourite with beginners and even certified divers. I was especially interested to hear that the explorers of National Geographic chose Pavilion as their dive spot of choice.

When to go Dubai for your diving adventure?

When Winter hits, roughly from November to March, the water temperature drops to something between 21 and 23, and on some occasions, it can be as low as 20! This isn’t the best time to visit Dubai for your diving adventure because often, the visibility under water is not so great either.

The hottest months of the year in Dubai are June, July, and August. This makes the water very comfortable for diving, however, when you get out, the atmosphere or air is almost unbearable, with highs of up to 50c.
From what I’ve read and asked friends about, the best months to go to Dubai for your Diving escapade would have to be April, May, September and October.

Marine Life is aplenty in the depths of Dubai

Dubai is a city abundant with marine life, tropical fish, rays, sharks, turtles, etc. Aside from being an ideal spot for diving and snorkelling, there are boat trips to explore the splendid bay every day.

If you’re interested in diving straight into your holiday planning to Dubai, look at some of the best holiday packages and multi-centre getaways to Dubai and beyond with The Holiday Place.

I’ve realised Dubai really has a lot to offer travellers to the UAE and I’ve documented the many places I really look forward to experiencing it this year.  

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