The latest and the greatest spaces, restaurants and projects in Dubai 2017

Dubai is a fast moving city and with each visit, you’ll notice a new hotel, park, bar or restaurant that has popped up, since the last time you went. The rate at which Dubai develops their buildings, accommodation and projects is phenomenal. Here you’ll find The Holiday Place travel blogger, Saima, compile the list of the newest hang-outs you should visit on your holiday in Dubai in 2017.

The latest and the greatest spaces, restaurants and projects in Dubai 2017

Visit the new spaces in Dubai that are unique, innovative and fun. Get inspiration from this feature on the hottest places to visit on your holiday to Dubai in 2017.

The biggest project being the Dubai Safari Park, which was due to open last year, has now been given a deadline of mid-2017.

Latest project launched or near to launching

In recent months, Dubai has given us several new projects to look forward to visiting when you go to Dubai; it really is a city that seems to be changing in a blink of an eye.

Dubai Water Canal Project

The $545 million Dubai Water Canal Project changed the Business Bay in November 2016. The project incorporates another strip mall, four hotels and 450 eateries and in addition an extravagance housing and cycling ways.

Museum of the future

Initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Museum of the Future, intends to show a percentage of the world's most recent creations and will be a keystone of the emirate’s emphasis on innovation.

Dubai Safari Park

Will cover a total area of 11 hectares and will be located at Al Warqa. The park will be separated into three main villages - African, Arabic, Safari - separately with exclusive features, designs, animals and plants. The first lot of animals arrived at the park in February last year and it is due to finish and open up for the public in 2017.

Jewel of the Creek

The $816 million project will comprise of a gigantic waterfront multipart, decorating the 19-story flat apartment buildings, three office towers, two luxury hotels, a recreation centre and a convention centre with a ballroom, and additionally a marina and a huge number of retail spaces for shops and eateries.

There will be nine constructions making up Jewel of the Creek, including an extravagant hotel. The strategy is to also incorporates a "Dubai Dome", considered as a multi-purpose facility that can seat up to 3,000 people. The fourth and final phase is said to finish in the second-half of 2019 before the much-anticipated event that will be provided by the hosting of the Expo 2020.

It’s always exciting visiting Dubai, because there’s always something new to look forward to, some kind of new restaurant, art scene, architecture or hotel.

The best newest restaurants on the scene

Food is important in Dubai – but where to eat in a place so luxurious with thousands of choices? Yes, you have your usual staples that are well known, such as Shake Shack, Mr Chaat, and Fatburger, but what are the latest additions on the eatery scene?

Common Grounds at The Warehouse Gym, JBR

Brightly-lit city fitness venue, The Warehouse Gym, is opening a second branch at JBR The Beach.
It promises to be different from their previous artsy scene, by bring us something with a fresh, airy feel, in contrast to urban cave in Al Quoz.

They will be offering super smoothies and clean eating salad bowls for anyone those who like to eat out but struggle to find something yummy and healthy. It’s the jazzy cafe’s second venue, after launching at Mall of the Emirates in September last year. When the gym opens this year, it means you’ll be able to boost your workout with a decent cup of joe.

Opened January 2017

Black Tap

Black Tap is the NYC pub importation well-known for its Instagram-worthy sugary loaded fodder – freakshakes and burgers which look deliciously tempting and definitely one of that wo/man versus food moments.

Challenge a friend or your partner and see if either of you can get through the whole burger and shake! Opened at Jumeirah Al Naseem in February.

Bushman’s Restaurant and Bar

Australian food is rare in Dubai, so it was intriguing when Australian cooking with a fine dining space suddenly appeared on the scene. As such, being the first to bring this swanky vision of Down Under to Dubai, Bushman’s Restaurant & Bar’s menu spans a selection of gourmet Australian cuisine, including emu, kangaroo, barramundi, "bugs" (like little flat-tailed lobster) and "yabby" (crayfish), prepared with plenty of global fusion touches, from Asian, Indian, Mexican to Italian.

Dubai is constantly changing, updating, striving for innovation

Evidently, this holiday will be one that will please even the fussiest of holiday-goers. This place really can’t get boring, as there are so many projects, plans and new and exciting places that are popping up all over the shore.

The world became acquainted with Dubai only a few years ago, because it feels like the whole city almost erected from the sands overnight. The city that launched a countless magazine features was presented to Westerners as many things: rich, opulent, strange, tacky, expanding.

But most of all, it was presented as new. And this has always stuck – Dubai always has something new, something bigger and better than the rest of the world; and we all want to see what that new thing is. We want to know what the hype is about. Which is what makes Dubai, the City of Gold, or the City of Superlatives so fascinating. Even if we’ve visited once, there’s a chance a second visit will surprise you with even newer and better things from what you remember.  

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