Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities

Many holiday goers love Dubai for its pristine white beaches and the hot climate. With that, you get a whole array of water-borne activities for you to indulge in, helping you cool off during your holiday. Trying all or some of these water-based activities in Dubai are a must, if you’re visiting Dubai and love to swim, snorkel and dive.

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities

So popular are some water sports in certain areas, that the beaches are even named after them, such as the Kitesurfing Beach.

With the growing of the city’s coastline, water sports division has become ever-popular and continues to expand throughout each year.

Can’t wait until then? We don’t blame you, that’s why we’ve pulled on our rash vests to test the emirate’s most exhilarating water sports. From windsurfing to shark safaris, wakeboarding to the aptly named frantic ride, we’ve got you covered.

Wipeout Flowrider is a laugh a minute

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities - wipeout flowrider.

The Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai is a famous feature – but have you heard of the Wipeout Flowrider?

On the Flowrider, a lifeguard teaches how to position yourself on the surfboard: your right hand should hold the top corner and your left near your hip…. But you’ll notice that you’re basically going to cling on to any part of the board for dear life!

The aim of the game is that you’re on a board, and then next minute, a torrent of water (seven tonnes a second) creates huge waves that your board will surf on, and it’s a matter of who is going to las ton the board the longest! Crazy!

Windsurfing in Dubai will give you Goosebumps (the good kind)

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities - windsurfing.

Let the wind brush your hair, feel a crazy kind of freedom, as you climb onto a sailboard in Dubai and learn how to navigate the waters using just a wind and a sail – the fact it isn’t motorised doesn’t mean you should expect to go slowly. Good winds allow windsurfers dash along at speed.

Snorkelling in Dubai in the company of more than 60,000 sea dwellers

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities - snorkelling.

There’s such a huge number of snorkelling spots to choose from in Dubai – the seawalls at Al Mamzar Beach Park are among my preferred ones for seeing multi-coloured fish, crabs and the odd ray – but if you want to see something special, the ultimate snorkel in Atlantis’ Ambassador Lagoon allows you to swim in the company of more than 60,000 sea creatures, together with a hammerhead shark.

Shark safari for the most unbelievable underwater experience

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities - shark safari.

If you’ve dreamed of getting up close with sharks, rays and the mystical sea creatures that dwell under thousands of feet of water, but aren’t a certified diver, then, the shark safari in Aquaventure’s Shark Lagoon permits you to don a special helmet and stroll along the bottom of the tank. There’s no training required, and you don’t even need to be able to swim – just walk.

Water-skiing without any previous experience in Dubai

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities - water skiing.

Were you under the impression that you could only do Water-skiing if you’d been trained or had practice? Well you’re mistaken! Because anyone can do this! The team at One&Only’s Water Sports Experts help you and teach you how to do this thrilling water activity.

First-timers can enjoy this now because they’ve brought this new device which allows the skis to be tied and secured to your feet which give you stability. You’ll also find an expert that will stick by your side and will give you that extra confidence boost should you need it. Here is a sport to try in Dubai and fall in love with!

Diving to uncover Dubai’s ocean secrets

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities - diving.

Are you a diving enthusiast? Dubai’s Al Boom offers dives, PADI scuba diver and open-water courses for new arrival to the sport. When you’re qualified, the waters near Fujairah and Musandam is an ideal place because here, you will be able to spot turtles, moray eels, squid, octopus, puffer fish and even whale sharks if you’re luck! They offer a spot of exciting dives all year around.

Parasailing over the sea to take in the breath-taking skyline

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities - parasailing.

This one is tremendous fun and takes little effort. You can book yourself a spot in front of the Rixos Hotel, with the additional mini-cruise around the Palm to the other side of the island as a bonus.

This amazing experience will stay with you for quite some time as it really is one of those unforgettable moments. The crew are so friendly and relaxed, that you’ll feel at total ease; they’ll strap you in securely into your harness before filling the sail with air. Once attached to the sail, you’ll feel your feet leaving the ground. Next you’ll be souring up, and enjoying the ride. All you need to do now is sit back, relax and take in the amazing Dubai skyline.

Dubai proved to be a water lovers’ paradise

Dubai is your perfect destination for water activities - water lovers' paradise.

With the expanding coastline, and Dubai’s offering on water-based fun, you’re in for a treat if you’ve decided to book yourself onto some of these water activities.

Personally, I think Parasailing is a must – a once-in-a-lifetime type of excursion which will stay with you for a long time. Another one I enjoy on almost any holiday is snorkelling time. Why not see whether you can spot the all-elusive hammerhead shark?

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