World's tallest hotels: Dubai rules

For amazing uninterrupted views that come as standard you need to base yourself at a tall hotel, lest you risk looking onto brick walls or overlooking boring car parks. Here we give you the full picture of the tallest hotels in the world. Unsurprisingly the top four in the list are all in Dubai, home to some of the planet's most jaw-droppingly awesome skyscrapers. Read on to find out which hotels to book yourself in order to enjoy the most spectacular sky-high views worldwide.

World's tallest hotels: Dubai rules

Many travellers place a strong importance on the views they can wake up to everyday of their holiday, and naturally, the higher up you are, the grander and more all-encompassing the views get, especially when you're in a city with an amazing skyline like that of Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok or New York.

To better showcase the top sky-scratching hotels, and by this we mean the tallest buildings that are entirely built as hotels and not hotels taking over a number of floors inside a multi-functional towering structure, we've created this illustrative infographic, giving you an instant glimpse into where in the world you can book yourself in to enjoy the most stunningly high room views.

Tallest hotels in the world with a guaranteed view

World's tallest-hotels: Dubai rules

World's tallest-hotels: Dubai rules

Maybe it will come as no surprise to find out that the top four in this list are all found in Dubai, and not by accident, as this is one emirate that takes enormous pride in building some of the world's first, finest, biggest and more spectacular structures in every way, on all fronts pride ...we probably haven't seen the end of this yet. After all, Dubai is also home to the world's tallest tower, the vertigo-inducing Burj Khalifa, standing tall at an eye-watering height of 830 metres! But let's continue with our list of the world's tallest hotels, which by the way is not to be confused with the highest.

The world's highest hotel is actually found in Asia, it measures over 480 metres but it doesn't feature in our list as it sits inside a multi-use tower that houses other establishments apart from said hotel.

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Our infographic is about the tallest structures that wholly function as hotels from base to tip, and the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong doesn't meet this one rule. It covers the top floors (from 102nd to the 118th) of the International Commerce Centre in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. It sure is housed in an impressive skyscraper and this is where you could enjoy the world's highest in-room views, but it doesn't count for our purpose.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Getting back to our infographic, we can see that claiming the top position and standing tall at over 350 metres, the first one of these is the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, spread over no less than 77 floors. But wait, not all is as it seems. Whilst this twin-tower structure is technically the tallest in terms of the buildings' overall height, towering over the rest with its top floor stretching to 298 metres high, we're not sure that's where the highest room is found at. In fact, it seems there's a contest between the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai and the second tallest in our list, its main rival and competitor; the Rose Rayhaan by Rotana.

The highest room in the world's tallest hotel are the two Penthouse Suites in the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, located on the hotel's 69th and 70th floors and offering truly out-of-this-world 360-degree views over the entire city and the Arabian Gulf.

Rose Rayhaan by Rotana

By comparison, the highest room at the world's second highest hotel seems just as impressive height-wise. The Rose Rayhaan's 70th floor rooms do indeed offer eagle's-eye sky views. Then we have it that the top 72nd floor at Rose Rayhaan stands at 237 metres high. The highest floor at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is found aat 298 metres, but you can only stay as high as the 70th floor (and we don't know how high that is) so this brings me to the conclusion that it's unclear where you can book the higher room. I think there's reason to assume it's open to discussion which one of these two has the tallest room. Until we're cleared up on this issue, you're just as good staying at either's top floors. From the 35th floor onwards the views get spectacularly breathtaking.

Burj Al Arab

The two other hotels that follow are also, (surprise, surprise!) in Dubai, and they're two of the most desired ones globally. The first of these and taking third place in the world's tallest ranking, is in fact the world's first self-proclaimed seven-star hotel, the dhow sail-shaped Burj Al Arab – where the epitome of luxury's at. Following closely behind and standing only a mere five metres shorter is the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, facing a privileged private section of Jumeirah Beach and also boasting bespoke luxury and grand, lavish touches.

Baiyoke Tower II, Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Number five in our list is found in Bangkok, Thailand's iconic capital, full of neon lights, street markets, buzzing nightclubs and lively murmur all around. Surely one of the best places globally to enjoy sweeping skyline views, the Baiyoke Tower II, Baiyoke Sky Hotel has a fitting name for nearly touching the clouds at 294 metres tall...phew, your brow may sweat at the thought.

Four Seasons Hotel Manama

Surprisingly in the top ten is a hotel in the more remote, much less-visited tourist destination of Bahrain, where the Four Seasons Hotel Manama takes the eighth spot with an impressive stature of 284 metres tall, spread across 70 levels.

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel

And beating this last one by 10 metres is the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel in Panama City. Now the person it's named after, and therefore its owner, might not be the most popular of characters at the moment, but the hotel isn't at fault for that. It has a truly splendid pool deck with has to be one of the world's most remarkably beautiful infinity pools, with open views towards the emerald-blue sea. Truly awe-inspiring!

Check out the slideshow below to see our infographic showing the tallest buildings in the world

New York had to be part of the picture, of course, but it trails behind on the list, missing the top 10 altogether and lagging behind in the 13th position. The hotel in question is the Courtyard Residence Inn, and its views couldn't be more special, as it sits right to Central Park in Manhattan. It might not have made it to the top of the infographic, but it certainly enjoys what can be arguably regarded as a far more enviable location, overlooking much of this grand park and the city's legendary skyscrapers beyond.

Courtyard Residence Inn

What is surprising is to find that the world's top ten tallest hotels with a guaranteed view spans only two continents and three subcontinents but doesn't include North America, more specifically the United States, where they're known for always striving to make things bigger and better than anyone else. Well, according to this list, they should be stepping up to the plate now.

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