Insight for solo travellers to Dubai

This Emirate state of Dubai oozes opulence and even the airport has sparkling diamond columns. Being one of the safest countries to travel in, no wonder, it's becoming a hot spot for solo travellers. There are many opportunities for solo travellers to immerse into activities which will engage them with other solo travellers and holiday goers in Dubai. This includes attending an organised tour, going to a house party, shopping, entertainment and more. Here's a quick guide for solo travellers in Dubai.

Insight for solo travellers to Dubai

Dubai is absolutely beautiful, if you like inspiring architecture, international cuisine and shopping galore. It has achieved and developed so much in past years, and the luxury it has to offer attracts many tourists throughout the year.

For those of you wishing to travel alone to Dubai, then you’ll most certainly have a blast. Of course, you’ll feel out of your comfort zone, and this, in fact will be true for any destination you choose to travel alone to, but once there, you’ll feel accustomed in no time.

Why choose to solo travel in Dubai?

Why choose to solo travel in Dubai?

One of the main reasons why Dubai is an excellent place to visit for solo travellers is because Dubai has to be one of the most internationally populated destinations, with residents who have settled from all corners of the globe.

In addittion, multiculturalism is welcomed, and around 70-80% of the city’s dwellers are non-UAE residents, and have settled from far and wide. So you’ll see Arabs, Emirati, English, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Spanish, Somalian, American, and many more nationalities in this one place.

Dubai is a safe, multi-cultural country

What's more, is that all of these people live together in a perfectly peaceful environment and respect each other, no matter how diverse a background, race or religion they come from. This in itself makes the country one of the safest destinations as, no matter what colour or creed, you’ll be sure to be welcomed.

There are many things to do in Dubai when you are a solo traveller

There are many things to do when you are a solo traveller, in order to interact with other people. Just because you’re travelling solo, does not mean you should have a lonely trip with no human conversation, other than exchanging a hello with every cashier. No. You can have much more fun than that in Dubai!

Join a walking tour in Dubai

Why not join a house party in Dubai and meet others in the region when you’re in Dubai? Or how about you join one of the many organised walks in Dubai. Or if you like to know about the best tourist sights then get yourself booked in on a tour where there will be many other travellers you can mingle with.

Here are some of our solo traveller’s favourite things to do in Dubai

Here are some of our solo traveller's favourite things to do in Dubai

Some solo travellers love the sea so much, that they book themselves onto some fantastic excursions including snorkelling, diving, white water rafting, canoeing and even visit the wild wadi water park to mix things up. Here they report they have an absolute blast of a time.

4x4 for dune bashing in Dubai

Others have said they prefer an overland adventure and so they venture out to the dunes to book themselves onto a 4x4 for dune bashing. They book quad bike experiences, visit the Dubai Zoo and even explore the city by simply walking and taking in the beautiful architecture.

Women travelling alone to Dubai

Women travelling alone to Dubai

To keep it short and sweet - you have nothing to worry about! As a woman traveller in Dubai, you’ll still have the most amazing time and visit all the places you want to see. Women in Dubai actually wear abayas (full covering of the body) but you will not be expected to do this as a holiday-goer.

In Dubai wear a skirt, trousers or a dress below the knees

You can wear a skirt, trousers or a dress below the knees, and even wear vest tops showing your arms. It’s a good idea to keep a shawl or cover-up shrug in your bag for some shopping malls and religious places that will ask you to cover your arms. The locals are absolutely lovely. They will smile at you, they will gather around restaurants, go to work and go about their normal everyday tasks.

Dubai's women and family only taxi

To help you feel safer, they actually have “women and family only” cab services. One in particular is called Pink Taxis, which are basically a taxi company with women drivers who all wear pink head scarves and take other women passengers to their chosen destination. They also have female local guides to help you understand the Emirati culture, so whatever your preference, man or woman, you’ll feel comfortable in Dubai.

Basic solo travelling questions answered

Basic solo travelling questions answered

Can I drink the tap water? I’d recommend that you stick to bottled water
Is tipping expected in Dubai? Yes. Around 5-10% of your bill.
Fixed price or barter in Dubai? Fixed price in the malls, bartering in the souks.
Which side of the road do they drive? Right.
Any Veggie options? Yes.

What to do to meet other solo travellers in Dubai:

What to do to meet other solo travellers in Dubai

If you would really like to make some friends on your travel to Dubai, then why not opt for a sightseeing bus tour, where it will be simply a gold mine to meet new people, and many will be travelling alone like you.

Wonder Bus Tour in Dubai Creek

Some well-known bus tours include Big Bus and Hop on Hop off. You’ll find like-minded travellers to talk to and it’s also the easiest way to get around because Dubai is not a walkable city – so you’ll want to get the metro on other days.

An amazing spot for solo travellers is the Sky Bar in Burj al Arab

Another amazing spot for solo travellers in the Sky Bar at the world’s famous 7-star hotel – the Burj Al Arab. This is designed to take the form of a ship’s sail, this unique hotel has a stunning lobby full of reds, golds and royal blues that will make you feel like a queen/king. Cocktails and drinks are generally dearer here than other places, plus there is a minimum spend, but it’s definitely worth a visit at least once!

Have a blast on your solo travel in Dubai!

Have a blast on your solo travel in Dubai!

If you’re travelling to Dubai, you really must take a dip in the warm waters of the sea. Most hotels have their own segment of private beach which you can pay to enter. Lounge at the public beach of Jumeriah where you can watch the locals in their white robes playing volleyball.

No doubt. All-in-all Dubai makes a safe, happy and fun destination for family, couples, friends and even solo travellers!

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