Cooking lessons at your Dubai holiday

Some of us just love food so much, that we make it a big part of our holiday. Cooking can be relaxing and very enjoyable, even more so in a destination like Dubai, where you can experiment with spices, oriental aromas and textures. Have you ever been to any exotic cooking lessons or visited a foreign country and decided to go on a cooking course to learn how to cook their local cuisine? If you want to try your hand at cooking classes in Dubai, then look no further!

Cooking lessons at your Dubai holiday

If you’re one of those people who absolutely adores the scent of food, the textures, the tastes then, food will ultimately play a big role while you are on holiday. You want to sample luxurious restaurants, local cuisine, and find out quickly which of these are our favourite ones. Dubai has a range or oriental dishes on offer: fresh, seasonable, local, culinary, vegetable, meat, herbs, and more. But have you ever cooked any dishes whilst you’re on holiday?

There’s something about learning to cook a new dish on your travels. The authenticity of the taste, techniques and flavours is something else: you can’t quite capture this experience from a recipe book.

Dubai is always ready to dish up a whole choice of cookery lessons, where you can enjoy dishes of varied and spicy ingredients, carefully balanced, and seasoned to your taste, made by, no other than your very own fair hands.

We’ve searched the cookery hotspots of Dubai to curate a widespread combination of cooking classes in Dubai that are as delightful as the chefs who host them. In Dubai you can learn to cook from chefs who inspire... Chefs with Michelin Stars… Home cooks who teach skills passed down from generation to generation…Chefs with a passion to share and a story to tell.

My favourite cooking lesson opportunities in Dubai

Go, take in every sight, sound and smell, like a greedy child on your holiday to Dubai. Here are some favoured cooking classes for you to try out on your next holiday in Dubai:

  • Flow Kitchen is ready for you to get to grips with Arabic cuisine-making

    Fairmont The Palm, Palm Jumeirah

    This interactive Arabic cooking class is really a great place to start in Dubai. You can decide to take a “standard” cooking class here, which includes two hours of cooking fun. Within this time, they teach you how to prepare four starters, which may include hummus with hot pitta, fattoush, babaghanouth, tabbouleh and more. You’ll even be given recipe cards to take away with you to use as a guide for when you get home from Dubai.

    I’d prefer to go for a deluxe cookery package at this place because you get to learn much more than four starters. In the deluxe class you will get two hours preparing four starters, as well as, two main courses and a dessert! So you can throw a Dubai themed dinner party for when you get home. You then get to have some private lunch with the chef, and receive souvenirs such as a chef’s jacket, a video of cooking help and a USB device.

    240 dirhams for the standard class or 750 dirhams for the deluxe class. Fairmont The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, open Saturday till Thursday 12pm-3.30pm

  • La Porte des Indes let you watch and learn

    La Porte des Indes, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai

    If you’re not ready to get your hands dirty, then the Indian-French inspired La Porte des Indes is perfect because this one is more of an observational style class, rather than an interactive one. Every Tuesday guests are taken around the venue to enjoy a guided tour of the kitchen.

    You are then welcomed to watch as the chef rustles up a dish or two. You’ll be plied with a welcome drink, a three-course meal and a drink voucher too, to redeem on your next visit.

    450 Dirhams per person, every Tuesday from 12pm till 3.30pm. The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai.

  • Balance Cafe offers such a vast array of culinary skills

    Balance Cafe, Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road

    They mix up the classes here, so each month they offer difficult culinary dishes to try out. They regularly host these throughout the year and this is why it is a popular choice with Dubai holiday-goers. There are various skills they may teach during different months, from Indian dishes, Baking skills, European cuisine and Oriental food.

    You will develop the skills in a very friendly environment with lots of support and guidance and it is often a place where you can meet other likeminded people.

    The good thing about Balance Cafe is that it offers you four classes for a good price and so you will learn a wide range of things from this experience.

    250 Dirhams per person or 800 Dirhams for four classes, offered every day. Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • Jazz@PizzaExpress is the place for those who love their pizza

    Jazz@PizzaExpress, Cluster, JLT, Dubai

    Well-established Italian restaurant is one of many Dubai holiday-goers favourite spot to enjoy pizza and pasta. More recently, they started off a new trend that the locals and holiday goers absolutely love! If you take children with you on your holiday to Dubai, they’ll probably enjoy this too.

    This is because they have something called a “chef table” which basically allows visitors to learn how to create their own pizzas, and then you can tuck into your perfect pizza. You know how much tomato sauce, cheese and what toppings you like so you’ll be sure to get a pizza you’ll really enjoy. The sessions last for two hours and are open for groups of five to ten diners.

    We do recommend you book early so that you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity in Dubai.

    99 Dirhams per person and 149 dirhams for three beverages, cookery experience available during Sunday-Thursday, open from 11am till 6pm. Cluster A, JLT.

  • Jones the Grocer will have your culinary skills up to scratch in no time

    Jones the Grocer, Al Manara, Sheikh Zayed Road

    This a contemporary Australian cafe which is a splendid find, as they have cooking activities throughout the year. They like to focus on teaching one dish each month, so each Wednesday evening, they dedicate the night to the art of culinary skills. In recent months, they’ve taught guests how to make pumpkin and sage chicken roulade with pan-fried baby vegetables. Sounds divine! 

    375 Dirhams per person, takes place every Wednesday evening, 7pm-9pm. Al Manara, Sheikh Zayed Road

  • Mekong is immensely popular so you have to book early!

    Mekong, Anantara Dubai, The Palm Resort and Spa, Palm Jumeirah

    Fancy learning some Thai cuisine? Head to this South East Asian restaurant called Mekong where they hold daily cooking lessons based exactly on Thai food. You have to book well in advance to bag yourself a spot in this fancy cooking class though, so if you want to book it for your next Dubai holiday, then you should look into it pretty much straight away.

    You’re allowed to choose your own ingredients, with help from the chef and then they are taught how to prepare them to perfection. You’ll get to make three dishes during your class and then you can eat your meal that you’ve just created.

    950 Dirhams per person, Ring restaurant to book in advance. Anantara Dubai, The Palm Resort & Spa, Palm Jumeirah.

  • Toko Downtown Dubai will get your taste buds tingling with Japanese inspired food

    Toko Downtown Dubai, Vida Downtown Hotel, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

    A delightful Japanese restaurant in Dubai, which offers weekly sushi classes every Sunday evening. You will learn to roll different types of sushi and you’ll be served some beverages during the class too. Some of the types you’ll learn here are nigari and California rolls. Once you’re done with the masterclass, you’ll be given a complimentary Japanese beverage tasting experience.

    300 Dirhams per person, every Sunday from 7.30pm till 9.30pm. Vida Downtown Hotel, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

Dubai has cookery classes that cater for all budgets and tastes

You’ll have noticed, as you’ve looked through this list, that Dubai has an abundance of cooking classes for all types of travellers. Cookery lessons are popular in a Dubai holiday itinerary because they are taught by such renowned chefs and in beautiful settings. If you’ve booked a holiday to Dubai this 2016, you’ll not be disappointed at trying one, or even a few of these classes.

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