Seven best beaches in Dubai

Dreaming of that royalty-worthy get-away at an affordable rate; pristine beaches with white sand and clear aqua-blue sea, an ice-cold Pina Colada brought to you at your sun lounger on the beach? Sounds like total bliss doesn’t it? Here’s a list of the best luxurious beaches in Dubai, according to the expert travel writer, Saima, so grab those shades, flip flops and sunscreen, you’re about to find out some of the best kept secrets about the best spots to top up that tan and catch some sun-rays.

Seven best beaches in Dubai

Undeniably, the crystal clear water of the Arabian Gulf is a main focus for Dubai holiday-goers, amongst the soaring skyscrapers of the City of Gold. If you are after a holiday full of kite-running, selfies with tall skyscrapers, being pampered at the iconic beach clubs, then look no further.

What is really lovely, is that the beaches are full of laughter, activity and fun. You don’t have to feel bored on the beach if you’re going to Dubai. You’ll be surrounded by kite surfing, paddle boarders, blazing sunshine, powder white sand, blue cloudless skies and even bluer, crystalline water! I’m about to find and tell you about the top beaches for your perfect holiday in Dubai.

Dipping your toes in the crystal clear sea at the most popular beach in Dubai

  1. JBR Beach

    JBR Beach

    This is the most popular beach in Dubai, due to its convenient proximity to “The Walk”, where you’ll find juice bars, burger joints and gelato counters. This is a common day out for Dubai dwellers, especially with the family on the weekends.

    This beach is on the coast next to Jumeirah Beach Resort and is free to access, which is why it proves to be a very popular spot. Tourists and locals alike love this beach because of the clean facilities, private showers, large number of restaurants dotted around with the sea view backdrop.

  2. Kite Beach

    Kite Beach

    This is the beach where kite surfers flock and it’s amazing to spend an afternoon watching them or have a go yourself. The colours and the way they move and control the kites is mesmerising. The Kite beach itself is also known as the Woollongong Beach as it is just behind the University of Wollongong. There aren’t many facilities for food, lounging available on this stretch of beach, so you’d be advised to bring your own if you want to visit.

    When it comes to luxury, Dubai teach the rest of the world how it’s done

    When you visit the glamourous city of Dubai, you’ll notice that most of the beaches that run along the Jumeirah stretch actually belong to hotels and are accessible to guests only, or else, the visitors have to pay a day fee to enter. Therefore, when booking your hotel, it is worth considering the beach area too, as this will include decent facilities, clean beach areas, lifeguards, food on the beach.

    Many also say that the paid beaches seem more family friendly, and often hold women and children days so that they can feel comfortable. You are also totally free to wear whatever you like on the beach, be it your bikini or your burka, it will not be frowned upon!

  3. The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

    The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

    With free beaches literally round the corner from this extended hotel beach, the price you’ll pay here is acceptable only by the delightful Ritz-Carlton service which is also extended to the sand. So as you sit in the deluxe loungers and cabanas expect a steady supply of cold beverage, ice lollies, fruit slices and snacks coming your way. This sounds like my kind-o’ beach!

    The beach even has areas devoted to families and an opposite end of the beach more suited to couples. As well as the beach, which is raised above the community area together with, access is approved to the outstanding hotel swim-up bars and handsome gardens.

    Access price: Adults: 500 Dirhams day rate, Couples: 750 Dirhams day rate, Children: 300 Dirhams day rate.

  4. Nasimi Beach

    Nasimi Beach

    Visit the Nasimi beach if you want a chilled out comfortable day accompanied by style, class and a taste of the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find yourself lodged into a comfortable cabana and enjoying fresh seafood cuisine with a view of the glittering Dubai skyline.

    Here is one spot that will prove to be a delightful Saturday for you and your partner. You can choose your laid-back seating which includes sun loungers, plush day beds and private cabanas. Saturdays are the best time to visit because you’ll witness the soft music of DJ Clarita De Quiroz, and a barbeque lunch accompanied with some delicious bubbles.

    You can enjoy fresh Maki, Sashimi and Nigiri sushi created by sushi artists on site. You will find a bar, restaurant, shopping boutique and a volleyball net at this beach too. This beach is perfect for those holiday-goers who want it all – food, entertainment, drink and luxury – all in encased in a beautiful beach surrounding.

    Access price: Adults: 185 – 295 Dirhams.

  5. Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

    Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

    The lavishness and ardour of this Palm Jumeirah destination is famous and it should come as no shock that the extravagance spreads to the beach. I would recommend that you take a sun lounger on the beach with you as they’re more spaced out. Here you can relax and look out towards the still and calm, Palm waters. You absolutely must try the 59-meter infinity pool, which will surely be an unforgettable experience.

    Access price: Adults: 250 Dirhams, Children 150 Dirhams.

  6. Rixos the Palm Dubai

    Rixos the Palm Dubai

    This is the furthest beach on the Eastern Crescent of the Palm Juneirah, which may put you off, because you’re maybe thinking why should I bother trekking all that way there when there are plenty of other beaches around? The one reason you absolutely must make the effort to visit this one is because the distant location means that this is the only Palm Dubai club allowed to offer an extensive list of motorised water sports on the actual beach!

    So have your fill of jet skiing, riding in the banana boat, wakeboarding and seabreacher riding.

    Access price: Adults: 175 Dirhams, Children half price.

  7. Al-Mamzar Beach

    Al-Mamzar Beach

    This is one of the most desirable beaches to visit for locals and tourists because it has 5 long tropical beaches which covers the coast of the park. Each beach of Mamzer dons sheltered areas with showers and changing facilities. You can even reserve your own chalets with barbeque area!

    Dotted around this area, you’ll find sun loungers, umbrellas, cafes, shops and restaurants. The miles of powder-white sand will make you feel like you’re in paradise. Enjoy a pristine beach with lifeguards too, without the hefty price tag!

    Access price: Adults and Children: 5 Dirhams if walking in or 40 Dirhams for driving in with a car.

Beaches galore in Dubai, clear aqua marine seas, and pure white sand – what more could you want?

As you can see, the beaches in Dubai are not only glamourous, but hugely relaxing. It needn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget as you’ll still find some beautiful beaches to visit and enjoy. You can sip cocktails by the sea and enjoy the water sports at your leisure! Be sure to check the hotel beach that you’re staying with to see what extras you can get!


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