Five of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai

Are you a seafood lover and heading to the flaming hot UAE? Thinking you’ll miss out on a fishy on your dishy because of the hot climate and the Arabic dishes. Sushi, crab, squid, king prawns, and edible fish on your mind? Planned a trip to Dubai and you’re on a mission to satisfy your seafood cravings? Here are the best places for fish fans to order their favourite dishes.

Five of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai

Leave your friends with holiday envy with that perfect Instagram filter on that perfectly dainty plate of seafood cuisine. I’ve collected some of the most delicious seafood restaurants for you to sample on your holiday in Dubai.

Five of the most exquisite seafood restaurants in Dubai

  1. Ossiano is the place of seafood luxury

    Ossiano is the place of seafood luxury

    Take hold of the cold metal banister, and walk down the staircase into Ossiano’s sophisticated 00-7-worthy eatery at Atlantis The Palm. You’ll catch the rays from the copious strings of crystals and chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. This restaurant offers great service, top fish and a warm atmosphere with hues of purple and silver. In the centre of this place, you’ll see a large aquarium.

    The menu here is simply delightful. Are you a crab or a lobster eater? No problem madam or sir. They will cater to your tastes! They have such a variety that you will feel like you want to try a little of everything. Do you love luxury? This is for all those who want to feel like they are experiencing the red carpet treatment. They restaurant also specialises in providing the more expensive seafood tastes such as crab and lobster. You’ll not be disappointed.

    Opens every day 7pm-11.30pm. Atlantis The Palm

  2. Al Mahara will leave you in awe

    Al Mahara will leave you in awe

    The word “wow” comes to mind where Al Mahara is concerned. This one is every seafood lover’s dream. However, as you’d expect from a seafood restaurant situated in the most prestigious seven star Burj Al Arab Hotel, the prices match the climate. That doesn’t stop hungry seafood lovers packing out this delicious eatery every day of the week.

    You should make a reservation well in advance to ensure you get a seat on one of those tables one day during your holiday in Dubai. The tables are placed strategically around a mammoth aquarium and you’ll eat the seafood whilst watching the most exquisite sea life, including jelly fish and the zebra shark. Don’t worry though, nothing you eat is actually closely resembling anything in this tank! This one will be a once-in-a-lifetime type of unforgettable meal in Dubai.

    Opens daily 12.30pm-3pm (last orders 2.30pm), 7pm-midnight (last orders 11.30pm). Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Road

  3. The oldest Fish Market for your fresh fish dishes

    The oldest Fish Market for your fresh fish dishes

    You can now visit the oldest fish scene in Dubai. There is a rich fishing industry around the creek in Dubai and much like this, the Fish Market always has a constant supply of fresh fish cuisine.

    Book well in advance at any of the restaurants dotted around the Fish Market, as it does host many special offer nights and tables are snapped up before you can blink! There is a Lobster Night; it is a special hit every time so it’s worth keeping an eye out for a date at the time you travel. Furthermore, you will enjoy fresh cod, molluscs, crustaceans in exotic sauces, such as Thai red curry and egg yellow curry. The tropical cocktails and exotic desserts add to the gastronomic fervour.

    The Radisson Blu Hotel on Dubai Deira Creek, also known as the Fish Market, is a beautiful eatery, overlooks the creek and often gives an aura of peace. The staff provide wonderful service and they even give you a free potion of fries whilst they prepare you seafood delicacies.

    Opens daily 12.30pm-3.15pm, 7.30pm-11.15pm. Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

  4. Amwaj gives eaters a wider choice than any other restaurant in Dubai

    Amwaj gives eaters a wider choice than any other restaurant in Dubai

    This all-inclusive seafood restaurant offers great service, elegant dining room decor and mouth-watering seafood. Whether you are interested into crap, lobster, shellfish, multiple fish varieties or even a tender steak, Amwaj is a good choice to make because you have so much food on offer that will please all if you’re going as a group. Even the fussiest of eaters will find something they will be happy with.

    It has large circular windows and shows us tropical fish, stylish bottle cabinets and metal dividers to give us the impression that we are sat under the water. The service is friendly and attentive, the menus are concise and imaginative and they even do some fabulous desserts. This is a quiet gem of a place, but is said to be a dearer seafood establishment, but we know it will be worth every penny.

    Opens Sunday till Friday 7pm-Midnight, Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

  5. Aprons & Hammers shows diners a "smashing" time

    Aprons and Hammers shows diners a 'smashing' time

    This award winning seafood restaurant knows the seafood game inside out. They provide you with an experience no other seafood restaurant has thought of.

    This is the only crab hut on a dhow in Dubai. The dining experience involves a unique experience, should you wish to participate. You are asked to choose your dish and then you are asked to smash open a bucketful of crab and lobster morsels with mini hammers. You are even given an apron for the task!

    This is not just a simple distracting gimmick either, because the food actually has been given raving reviews. They only allow a few table bookings so that guests can really have a fun time, with their supervision so you’ll have a “smashing” time if you decide to venture down to this part of Dubai!

Spoilt for choice in the seafood scene

Dubai really does have a knack for providing us with whatever we desire, and they don’t disappoint on the seafood front. On your holiday to Dubai, it would be a real treat to plan an evening at one or two of these fun and highly rated seafood restaurants. Whether you want to get interactive with you food like at Aprons and Hammers, or you want a luxurious 00-7 experience at Ossiano, you’ll find a seafood eatery in Dubai that will leave your taste buds tingling.

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