Celebrity spotting in Dubai

The luxurious settings Dubai have managed to stage acts like a magnet for the rich and famous from around the world, but where exactly are the best places in the region to spot a celebrity? Here we take a look at which celebs you're most likely to spot and where you might find them hanging out around the emirate.

Celebrity spotting in Dubai

Home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, a year-round gloriously hot climate, sandy beaches and unique nightlife, Dubai has become increasingly popular among the rich and famous over the past decade or so, firmly securing itself the title of a celebrity hotspot.

The luxury of Dubai allows all visitors to the emirate to sample a slice of the A-list lifestyle for themselves, giving them the chance to rub shoulders with some of the most famous people in the world.

Here, we take a look at which celebs you're most likely to spot during a trip to Dubai, and where you can find them hanging out.

Famous people who frequent Dubai

From sports stars to reality TV personalities and from popstars to successful businessmen and women, Dubai is a coveted holiday and business destination for celebrities from all over the world.

Arguably the planet's most famous woman, Kim Kardashian, is among those to have visited the emirate, and was spotted dining at the Dubai branch of the exclusive Nobu restaurant.

Meanwhile, major names in the world of sport can often be seen around the emirate, with Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, former England football captain David Beckham and US basketball player Michael Jordan all having holidayed in Dubai in the past.

Some of the biggest names in film have also been known to frequent the emirate for a luxury break, including George Clooney and Robert de Niro, while the cast of reality TV shows such as Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex are often photographed on Dubai's beaches enjoying a sunshine break.

You'll already know that Dubai is home to the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and an abundance of luxurious hotels, restaurant, bars and beaches, but where exactly are the best places to spot a celeb?

Where do celebs hang out in Dubai?

The Hilton Jumeirah hotel is one of the most exclusive branches of the Hilton franchise in the world, and is a favourite accommodation choice among celebrities.

Atlantis, The Palm is another hotspot for the rich and famous, located on the emirate's Palm Jumeirah island, with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. This five-star hotel is essentially a resort in itself, with restaurants serving the best cuisine from across the globe, an on-site spa, waterpark and the chance for guests to take part in marine diving and even a thrilling shark safari - not something for the faint-hearted!

Celebrities who have stayed here in the past include actress Lindsay Lohan and Robert de Niro, but regular holidaymakers opting to stay here in search of a little extra luxury will certainly feel like celebrities themselves before their break is over.

The Burj Al Arab is another hotel frequented by the A-list, with supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Kendall Jenner both spotted here in the last few years. This innovative sail-shaped hotel is set on its own manmade island, and its most exclusive suites come with access to 24-carat gold iPads, the finest Egyptian linens and whirlpool baths.

Although there isn't really a need for tourists to leave these hotels, as they all have multiple restaurants and bars on-site, if you want to explore more of Dubai, you might want to check out the exclusive Buddha Bar, where Will Smith is among the famous clientele.

Alternatively, the Shang Palace at the emirate's Shangri-La Hotel is one of the best places to eat in Dubai. The eatery specialises in Cantonese cuisine, with its Beijing-style duck famous around the world. Celebs who have dined here in the past include Latin-American singer Shakira, as well as Hollywood star Matt Damon.

Enjoy the celebrity lifestyle for yourself in Dubai

These are just a few of Dubai's favourite celebrity hotspots, but with the emirate constantly becoming more and more opulent in nature, there's always a chance that you could bump into a celeb just about anywhere in the region, while enjoying the lifestyle of the rich and famous for yourself.

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