The complete A-Z guide for your holiday in Dubai

The Holiday Place blogger, Saima writes an A-Z list, which is informative, entertaining and inspirational for what to do and see when you visit the city of gold. Learn a couple of Arabic phrases before you go, find out about the music of Dubai or learn about the world's first seven-star hotel in this guide.

The complete A-Z guide for your holiday in Dubai

Dubai best known for its mixture of incredible skyscrapers and extravagant cuisine but ever wondered what else Dubai has to offer to its holiday goers? I’ve compiled an A-Z list and put down one characteristic that defines Dubai, recommend or love, that will be useful if you are planning a trip to Dubai in the near future.

The city of superlatives has so much character that I didn’t struggle to find the fascination behind some of the most respected sights, to prepare you for your adventure to this Arabian Gulf. Here you will find the coolest bars to go to, the best restaurants, and other hidden gems – So next time you’re planning your trip to Dubai – dig deeper and find the savviest places and appear totally clued up when striking a conversation with a local.

A – Arabic – The native language of Dubai and the Emirati locals is Arabic. Although Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates, English is more commonly used in Dubai. You will also find a lot of emigrants who speak Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Chinese, etc.

B – Burj Khalifa – Spiralling high at 555 metres, Burj Khalifa is known as the most iconic destination. If you want to, you can book tickets for "At the Top" Burj Khalifa observation deck for an hour and a half tour of the building within. This is the highest outdoor observation deck and her you will enjoy the magnificent views as you recline in the luxury of your lounge. Did you know, if weighed, the total amount of concrete used to build the Burj Khalifa would actually be roughly the same weight of 100,000 elephants!

C – Crooning – If you’re not embarrassed easily then head over to Rock Bottom Cafe for a crooning session with karaoke for a right laugh. This is promised to be a fun night out for those who dare to belt out a few woeful songs.

D – Dubai Surf House – The only surf shop and coffee bar that exists in Dubai. Usually in winter, Dubai produces some great waves, large enough to surf and the most popular beach for surfing in Dubai is the Umm Suqeim, which attracts more than a thousand surfers each year. Visit the surf house to get your surfing gear and a boost of adrenaline as you sip their fine coffee.

E – Expo – Starting in October 2020, through to April 2021, Dubai has been chosen to host the next World Expo. This brings together more than 180 nations and 25 million visitors arrive to spectate one of the greatest shows ever. The expo is designed to provide visitors a chance to see amazing architecture, merge with global cultures, art exhibition and taste food from around the world.

F – Fatiniza – Fatinza is a Columbian musician based in Dubai – she gives a Latin twist to her sound. The art and music scene is taking off under Dubai’s skyscrapers, so if you get a chance to see her as any of the main music events around Dubai, be sure to check her out.

G – Gold Souk – This gives you a glimpse into the old Dubai and this is why I love this place. It is definitely worth visiting, even if you don’t intend to buy any gold. This gives you a little peek into how Dubai originated.

H – Hamdan – born and raised in Dubai, Hamdan is a musician, who makes the lead man in the soul band Abri & Funk Radius. The band are often found at The Pizza Express playing live music, or otherwise keep a look out on their Facebook events calendar to see when they are next playing.

I – International City – A global part of the country, where you will find country-themed plot residences, offering leisure, business, hospitality etc. It has a Persia cluster, an English cluster, Spanish cluster and much more!

J – Jumeirah Beach Hotel – This extensive beachfront hotel in a prominent building with a wavelike form overlooking the Arabian Gulf and is 6 km from the indoor ski resort.

K – Kaleidoscope – Visit this restaurant for its signature style buffet. A huge array of cuisine is available here, from Mexican, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Arabic and more! Situated on Crescent road, it’s part of Atlantis The Palm Hotel.

L – Laws – as an Islamic country, they do follow some laws, which is respectable to abide by. You may find signs outside shopping malls or public places asking holiday-goers to cover their shoulders out of respect for their culture. You would refrain from public displays of affection with your partner in such places.

M – Market and Platters – This is a fantastic grocery boutique, where you’ll find freshly caught fish, fruit & veg and artisan cheeses. A great little find if you want to feel inspired when cooking.

N – Night Life – You need to be over 21 to party in Dubai, but once you do, you’re spoilt for choice. You can visit the beach party at Barsato, or the Crystal at Wafi, or maybe you’d like more cultured music, and you can visit Night at Pulse every Friday. You’ll be sure to find something that will make your party shoes rock.

O – Outdoor bars – August and September are perfect times to visit outdoor bars. Nasimi is great for catching a few rays by day and dancing by the night and Dek On 8 is stylish, not exaggerated.

P – Police – Dubai Police are well-known for their extravagant cars, everything from a Lamborghini to a Ferrari, these law enforces have style! You’ll see them driving around in their expensive vehicles all around the country.

Q – Quintessentially lifestyle Dubai – This concierge service is available to anyone in the world. It has over 2.000 lifestyle managers in over 60 offices. They fulfil many requests for people around the globe, including, finding a real Tiger for a party, getting a reliable babysitter at the last minute or collecting your dry cleaning for you. All you need is a membership… This service sums up Dubai pretty well don’t you think – anything is possible and Dubai is Quintessential!

R – Ritz Carlton (RTA) – If you’re going to go on the most luxurious holiday to Dubai you could ever imagine, then why not stay at The Ritz! This beautiful hotel is surrounded by pristine beaches on an exclusive promenade. Located in the heart of the Dubai Marina District, you are slap-bang in the middle of the best shopping places, dining and beach experiences!

S – Seven-star hotel – The Burj Al Arab is the world’s first ever 7-star hotel. Talk about being the city of superlatives! No luxury spared, they have underwater facilities, helipad, iPads for every guest, and Rolls-Royce chauffeur drivers.

T – Tandem Skydive – Adrenaline junkies should make a trip to Skydive Dubai for a freefall jump out of a plane. There are two jump locations and both offer amazing views: Over the Palm Jumeirah or over the desert dunes.

U – Uptown Bar – This bar is on the 24th floor of Jumeirah Beach, it offers spectacular views over the sea, inland and the Burj al Arab.

V – Visa – You need a visa. Many tourists receive on-arrival visas, such as people from UK, America, Germany and so on.

W – Weather – the weather can range from around 7 degrees Celsius all the way to a scorching 55 degrees Celsius! Many enjoy a holiday between the months of November and April where the heat is not totally unbearable.

X – Extreme heights – visit At.mosphere in Dubai, which can be found on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, known to be the highest restaurant in the world.

Y – Yacht Club as the Dubai Marina Yacht Club offers a great lunch time menu – why not visit this little gem when you visit Dubai.

Z – Zoo – The Dubai Zoo is over three and a half acres of animal insanity! It houses over 200 species of animals including foxes, lions, kangaroos, pumas, jaguars, lions, monkeys, baboons, giraffes, Bengal tiger, Gorilla and much more. In total, they have 52 types of birds, 23 types of retile and 43 types of mammals!

It's your choice, Dubai is ready to please

Whatever your taste, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, relaxation seeker or a luxury traveller, you’re bound to find something on this list that makes your heart beat a little faster and a smile creep up on your lips!

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