Asha's WAFI Mall

Named as the best Indian restaurant in Dubai in 2012 by Time Out, Asha's serves a huge range of classic Indian dishes. It is a licensed establishment and has an extensive cocktail menu. Diners can select from a full range of traditional cocktails, as well as Asha's own creations.

Perfectly situated for those who want to grab something to eat while on a shopping trip, Asha's offers Indian cuisine from the length and breadth of the subcontinent, with a special focus on North Indian favourites. All of the restaurant's food is lovingly prepared using unusual meats like quail, lobster and guinea fowl to make exceptional curries. The attention to detail in Asha's menu led to the restaurant being crowned as the best Indian in Dubai by Time Out magazine in 2012.

Asha's was launched by the Bollywood singer and actress Asha Bhosle in 2002. After opening in WAFI Mall, the restaurant has expanded into a chain that covers five different countries. Items on the menu that are prepared from a recipe supplied by Asha herself are marked with a little quill.

Among the starters that are available at Asha's are Chingri Chaap prawns, a North Indian speciality. The restaurant also serves a wide variety of kebabs cooked in traditional Indian clay ovens. These include Manohari's Leg of Lamb, a lamb kebab that is slow cooked for six hours to create an incredibly tender treat.

The mains at Asha's include chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetarian options from India and beyond. These include the Chingri Malai Curry, an authentic Bengali prawn curry of Asha's own devising. Among the individually slow cooked biryanis available at the restaurant is the Kesar Biryani, a lamb dish heavily flavoured with saffron.

The selection of cocktails available at Asha's is colossal. These range from non-alcoholic juice blends, to all manner of exotic combinations that have been created by Asha's themselves. Many of the restaurant's cocktails involve spices like nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, lending a distinctively Eastern flavour to the drinks. Anyone who hankers after a classic dry martini won't be disappointed either, as the bar also serves all of the popular traditional cocktail recipes.

A range of bar snacks are available for people who want to pop in to try the cocktails rather than coming in for a full meal. These include kebabs, deep fried hammour fillets and sesame prawns.

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