DAS Collection

Once Emirati sisters Reem and Hind Beljafla identified the huge demand for a new take on the abaya, there was no stopping them. At DAS Collection - their flagship Jumeirah store - you can see how they have taken their unique modern twist on on this traditional garment and turned it into a worldwide fashion sensation.

Beautifully melding tradition with modern style, DAS is a burgeoning young fashion house that was founded with the aim of delivering a contemporary new twist to the abaya. The perfect place to experience the award-winning and globally renowned results of this mission is the DAS Collection flagship store here in Dubai, where you can see for yourself how a small start-up business achieved worldwide fame in just a few years.

Emirati sisters Reem and Hind Beljafla are the brains behind the DAS brand, launching it in 2008 and drawing on their rich cultural heritage, as well as their understanding of the fashion world and the latest international trends and styles. Their initial inspiration was their own desire for abayas that would reflect their personal tastes whilst still respecting traditional values – which the sisters identified as a real gap in the market. Their aim was therefore to update the abaya, turning it into a fashion statement that could empower women, but never losing sight of its important cultural and historical significance.

At the DAS Collection store, you can witness how the Beljafla sisters succeeded – not just by reflecting global fashion styles, but by making DAS a trend setter in its own right. DAS strikes just the right balance – giving women the opportunity to be both chic and conservative. It also offers a guarantee of exceptional quality, with exquisite attention to detail and fine workmanship evident in every garment they produce.

DAS was the first abaya line to be stocked by Harrods of London – a significant and impressive vote of confidence and approval in such a young brand. This reflects the worldwide admiration and respect for the DAS signature cut – the brand's defining garment that has now expanded to encompass different colours, forms and fabrics across the entire collection.

But that's by no means the end of the story. DAS continues to expand, develop and absorb styles and influences from Europe, South America and all around the world. DAS looks set to become ever more established on the global stage – making the DAS Collection store on Jumeirah Beach Road an increasingly unmissable destination for anyone interested in global fashion.

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