Comptoir 102

A unique combination of chic fashion accessories, stylish and quirky home furnishings and a health-conscious cafe, Comptoir 102 is a popular destination with both locals and visitors to Dubai. Situated on Jumeirah Beach Road, this concept store offers nutrition and style in equal measure.

Comptoir 102 is many things: a café, a chic concept design store, a seller of fashion accessories and gifts – and even a healthy, organic grocery store. All these disparate elements come together in a surprising way, to create a unique experience and an intriguing, welcoming, bohemian environment in which you can recharge your batteries and discover something new.

Situated in a converted low-rise villa on Jumeirah Beach Road, Comptoir 102 melds the building's retro Scandinavian interior with an Arabian courtyard – as well as French influences courtesy of the store's Parisian founders, Emma and Alexandra. Stepping inside, you will encounter something of a combination between a luxurious beach-side home and a Zen garden. The wraparound terrace creates the feeling of a bright, breezy oasis from all the noise and bustle outside – offering visitors a calm, tranquil retreat and a chance to relax.

Central to Comptoir 102 is its wonderful café, offering fresh, healthy food and drink that has been specially developed to be nutritious and tasty. With so many of its wonderful ingredients sourced locally – including some even grown on the premises – as well as organic, dairy-free and gluten-free options, this is a place where you can indulge in delicious, hearty food without any guilt. Starters, main courses and even desserts are all carefully designed and formulated to promote digestion and nutrition, and the menu encompasses plenty of vegan, raw and sugar-free options. Plus, with a menu that changes daily, you can return every day of the week and still be sure of encountering new and intriguing delights every time.

Comptoir 102 is undoubtedly one of Jumeirah's most popular destinations for lunch, but it's also the place to pick up some chic fashion and funky home accessories. From luxurious sparkling jewellery to intricately designed lampshades, the store's eclectic range of products is as stylish as its food is healthy. With a subtle Mediterranean aesthetic, this is not a place for gauche bling and extravagance, but instead offers understated design with an eye for cool sophistication. Plus, thanks to popular demand, the store now also boasts a healthy grocery corner.

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