Bambah and the Zoo Concept

Why settle for one trendy boutique shopping destination when you can have two? Bambah and The Zoo Concept on Jumeirah Beach Road offers a unique combination of incredible vintage haute couture alongside modern, quirky gifts and accessories, delivering a retail space with genuine personality.

Two trendy, chic and quirky boutique shopping destinations share one amazing converted villa on Jumeirah Beach Road; Bambah sells amazing vintage haute couture, whilst The Zoo Concept is the place to get funky sunglasses, quirky accessories and hip tee-shirts. Together, Bambah and The Zoo Concept offer an intriguing, fun retail destination that is not to be missed.

These sibling Dubai stores are, aptly, run by a sister and brother team; Maha Abdul Rasheed and her brother, Hussein. Maha is now an established and award-winning name in Dubai thanks to her pioneering launch of Bambah, the city's first high-end vintage boutique and a touchstone for fashion names from across the world. She has now added a vintage-inspired ready to wear collection, channelling elegant fashion trends from the thirties and fifties right through to the eighties – incorporating some modern twists along with exceptional quality standards.

The Bambah label is all about bold shapes and elegance, echoing classic styles whilst at the same time reflecting modern tastes and sensibilities. The store has a feel that's something of a cross between a newly-discovered treasure trove and a carefully curated exhibition of history's best styles, designs and aesthetics from right around the globe. Beautiful fabrics and amazing textures, exquisite detailing and quality finishes ensure that classic design concepts of the past will live on into the future.

With The Zoo Concept, the pair have also introduced a more quirky, kitsch side to this shared retail space – offering innovative gifts, accessories and clothing sourced from around the world. This a boutique with buzz – a hip, happening location with a cheeky, knowing playfulness mixed in with elements of timeless sophistication. This fun, colourful store even manages to find space for its very own mini art gallery, providing a wonderful showcase for local emerging artistic talent.

Together, Bambah and The Zoo Concept offer something of an antidote to all those pretentious, high-end brands. In contrast, these boutiques provide an original, refreshing and distinctive offering with genuine personality, which finds its own niche and fits in perfectly amidst the breathtaking variety of retail and fashion on offer elsewhere in Dubai.

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