Kite Beach

One of Dubai's premier public beaches, Kite Beach is an exciting hub and focal point for the city's kite surfing community - as well as for throngs of spectators enjoying the thrilling spectacle of this dynamic water-sport. Alongside plenty of opportunities for water and beach activities, you can enjoy spectacular views and relax in the beach's collection of trendy bars and eateries.

One of the many jewels of Dubai is undoubtedly its beautiful, pristine waterfront – an integral part of the city’s unique image. The warm, clear waters of the Arabian Gulf lap up on the city’s shoreline, providing ample opportunities for locals and visitors alike to enjoy water-based sports and activities, or to simply to soak up the fun atmosphere of the beach.

As well as many private beaches and waterfront areas – often attached to some of Dubai’s most prestigious and exclusive hotels – you will also find publicly-accessible beaches and waterside facilities. A prime example is Kite Beach, a spectacular strip of gorgeous white sand which serves as a cultural focal point for a plethora of thrilling activities. As you may imagine from its name, a favourite sport enjoyed here is kite surfing – a fast-paced, heart-racing test of nerve, strength and skill.

Don’t worry if you’re not a kite surfer yourself – this is a great spectator sport which is almost as gripping to watch as it is to take part in! The wind and waves generally pick up during the afternoon, making this a perfect time of day to witness the expert moves of some of the cities’ top kite surfers.

Other popular activities here include football, beach tennis and beach volleyball, whilst out on the water you will see kayaking and other water sports. There are also lots of places along the beach from which you can rent equipment – so there are plenty of opportunities to join in and test your skills. Despite all this energetic activity, however, Kite Beach offers a surprisingly peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, where visitors of all ages come simply to relax and enjoy the wonderful views and natural scenery.

Kite Beach has developed over the years into a vibrant, trendy hang-out for kite surfers and spectators, and a great collection of cool bars and funky cafes have sprung up to serve the needs of visitors. Indulge in frozen smoothies, fast food favourites and delicious dishes in this laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. Also known as Sheikh Hamdan Beach, or Woollongong Beach after the local university, you will find Kite Beach located on the shore just opposite the Al Manara Road junction.

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Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

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Jumeirah Beach

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