Give your taste buds a real treat with an evening at this unique eatery. Diners will enjoy fantastic flavours and carefully crafted meals in complete darkness, heightening their senses and ensuring every single mouthful is an experience in itself.

As every great chef knows, in order to really appreciate our food, we need to give it our undivided attention. To help diners concentrate on their meal, Noire, one of Dubai’s most unique and exclusive eateries, turns the lights off, giving guests the chance to enjoy their food in complete darkness with nothing but their taste buds to rely on.

Unlike Dubai’s other outstanding restaurants, Noire doesn’t put the focus on the décor, the view or the quality of the furnishings. Instead, the restaurant focuses diners’ attention on the flavours and the textures of the food, creating an entirely unique experience and guaranteeing an evening you’ll never forget.

Though guests at Noire enjoy their meals in complete darkness, the waiters are equipped with night vision goggles, ensuring diners are well looked after throughout the evening.

At first, many visitors to the restaurant find the darkness disconcerting, however, once they relax into the experience and focus on the taste and texture of the food, diners are transported into a brand new world of flavour.

In fact, with other senses removed, many people who eat at Noire find that food tastes completely different. Without being able to visually asses what they’re eating, diners have to put all of their dislikes and preconceived ideas about food aside, instead concentrating on what matters the most: the flavour.

What’s more, as you can’t see your fellow diners, table manners go out of the window, creating a unique social dynamic and making for a memorable evening.

Located at the Fairmont Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, Noire is set to become a Dubai standard. Perfectly situated for guests staying at all of the city’s central hotels, the restaurant is easy to reach from all corners of Dubai.

Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, a night at Noire is a must during your stay in Dubai. A unique experience in a unique city, the restaurant will help to make your stay in the Middle East even more memorable.

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