Klayya Bakery & Sweets

No trip to Dubai would be complete with enjoying an authentic Emirati breakfast, and there's no better place to do so than at Klayya Bakery & Sweets. Enjoying a central location in Al Barsha Mall, Klayya is a calm, welcoming cafe offering delicious breads, spreads, sweets and biscuits, along with amazing drinks and Arabesque decor.

Dubai is, of course, a truly international city offering literally hundreds of opportunities to sample cuisines and tastes from right around the world. However, no visitor to Dubai should overlook the opportunity to sample an genuine Emirati breakfast – and there is no better place to start your day than right here at Klayya Bakery & Sweets.

Conveniently situated on the first floor of Al Barsha Mall, Klayya offers a wonderful chance to enjoy a genuine Emirati breakfast in bright, fresh surroundings. It presents a delightful variety of delicious, warm, freshly made breads such as Khameer – a traditional Emirati bread that combines savoury and sweet flavours – and Chebab, a soft bread similar to an American pancake. Other tasty breads available include crispy Muhalla, Khameer and Regag. Next, Klayya adds nine different sumptuous dips and spreads, including za’atar, labneh, dibba – similar to date syrup – and honey.

There's an indulgent array of Arabic desserts baked freshly on site, including pistachio biscuits and dark chocolate tart, along with Lgaimat – a local delicacy that are like small, doughnut-like crispy dumplings. Klayya also offers tomato scrambles, date omelettes and European dishes – all cooked to perfection using only the finest, freshest ingredients.

If you're looking for something to wash down all this amazing food, Klayya has that covered too. Favourites include qawah (coffee), with its distinctive cardamom flavour, or the gentle, sweet taste of Haleeb Bil Zafaran (saffron-infused milk). Alternatively, you can opt for Karak Shindagha, a sweet tea with tangy spices, or Haleeb Kastar, which is a rich milk drink reminiscent of custard and flavoured with chia seeds.

In addition to great food and drink, Klayya Bakery & Sweets offers a welcoming, comfortable environment in which to enjoy them. The Arabesque décor of this intimate café combines colourful, traditional styles with a unique modern twist. Klayya's beautiful selection of artworks on the wall add to its distinctive, bright, airy feel which – along with the wonderful breakfasts – will leave you refreshed and revitalised, ready to face the rest of the day in the wonderful city of Dubai.

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