Our team works hard to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in Dubai. Thirty years of experience selling Dubai holidays allow us to not only answer all your doubts and questions, but also present you with an ample range of hotels for all budgets and preferences, including the best range of hotels in twin-centre Dubai and beyond. From helping you choose a package and booking your stay at a hotel to planning thrilling activities or luxurious experiences during your trip, our job is to create your dream, tailor-made holidays.

Our expertly trained staff not only have travelled to Dubai widely and extensively (whilst trying and testing most of the hotels and resorts we feature) but they are also recommend everything from the best dining spots to the most suitable family destinations as well as local festivals or special events.

Since the early 1990s when Dubai took a strategic decision to emerge as a major international-quality tourist hub, The Holiday Place included this evolving emirate in its list of destinations. In addition to thirty years of experience, our team of travel experts offers an insider’s viewpoint as we recommend our own best experiences after having visited Dubai, stayed in its hotels and discovered its unique culture.

Because we know every holidaymaker searches different things, we have made it our goal to offer a wide range of hotels for all pockets, from some of the most internationally renowned and lavish resorts like the Burj Al Arab to family-friendly four-star hotels and more modest, but still enchanting budget options.

We have the perfect combination of some of the most competitively priced and best value Dubai holidays in the market coupled with a unique range of expertly hand-picked twin-centre trips twinning Dubai with a variety of other exotic locations; from nearby neighbours in the Middle East to other faraway desirable hotspots like Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India or the Maldives.

Allowing you to make countless memories during your holidays is what we thrive for. This is why if just one destination seems a bland experience for you, you’ll be glad to hear we offer the best range of hotels in multi-centre offers. These packages range from twin centre holidays where we combine two destinations inside the Emirates, for example Abu Dhabi and Dubai, to multicentre and beyond which combines this stunning emirate with far-away lands, including Hong Kong, India and the Maldives.

With special packages addressed to couples and families, we make your search a lot easier. All you need to do is select what is right for you: adventurous desert safaris, rejuvenating spa treatments, surfing the brakes at Jumeirah Beach, discovering the Emirates’ culture and history in the Dubai museum, indulging in some retail therapy in Dubai’s duty-free shops or dancing wildly in a lavish night club. There is no need to despair if none of the packages fully suit your style, we can prepare a customised visit that ticks all your boxes.

Our team is regularly trained and updated on everything going on in the ever trendy Dubai scene so you can rest assured you’ll be in the most knowledgeable and capable hands possible when it comes to arranging every aspect of your next Dubai adventure.

More importantly, you can rest assured our team will give you its full support and cooperation overseas. Our attention doesn’t cease after your departure from the UK, members of our expert team will also be available once you reach Dubai.

We are always open to hearing your comments and requests and making sure they are attended to. The magnificent city of Dubai is different for every kind of traveller, that is why Dubai Holidays pays special attention to details and offers personalised service, focusing on every individual’s needs.

One of our most popular and fast-growing holiday destinations, Dubai is special for many reasons: spectacular duty-free shopping, sparkling man-made beaches, awe-inspiring modern constructions and skyscrapers and a particular taste for opulence and excellence in every service. As your advisors and providers, we know everything about this wonderful metropolitan city in the Middle East and it is our desire as well as our duty to share every single piece of valuable information to help you plan your voyage.

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Dubai holidays are proud to be one of Europe's top Independent travel companies, working across Arabia, the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, and the Indian Ocean. We make it as easy as possible for customers to choose and book their holiday options to suit their needs and their budget, including tours, all inclusive holidays, activities, truly tailor-made holidays, multi-destination adventures and honeymoons.

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Dubai announces $9.5 million beach maintenance plan

Dubai announces $9.5 million beach maintenance plan

Dubai Municipality has invested a substantial sum in one of its main tourism attractions. The emirate’s popular beaches will undergo important maintenance works worth $9.5 million which aim to improve water quality, address environmental issues and update safety and services.

Vida Dubai Mall hotel to bring 195 rooms and 614 serviced apartments to Dubai

Vida Dubai Mall hotel to bring 195 rooms and 614 serviced apartments to Dubai

The Emaar Hospitality Group has announced that it will open a brand new hotel in Dubai, the Vida Dubai Mall. The property will be directly linked to the Dubai Mall and it will offer direct views of the soaring Burj Khalifa. The hotel is a two-tower development which has 195 guest rooms and suites and 380 serviced residences in one 55-storey tower, and the other tower will be home to another 234 serviced apartments.

Dubai Maritime City Authority celebrates event to promote marine tourism

Dubai Maritime City Authority celebrates event to promote marine tourism

As Dubai seeks to promote its tourism industry, marine activities are also taken into account. The Dubai Maritime Domestic & Leisure Working Group recently held a workshop for its members that aim to develop potential locations and implement the best practices to provide visitors with underwater fun.

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